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Grades 6 - 9Grades 3 - 8V4.8n/a
The house held secrets, Thomas knew, even before he first saw it looming gray and massive on its ledge of rock. It had a century-old legend - two fugitive slaves had been killed by bounty hunters after leaving its passageways, and Dies Drear himself, the abolitionist who has made the house into a station on the Underground Railroad, had been murdered there. The ghosts of the three were said to walk its rooms...
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published on September 1, 1968 by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
ISBN-10: 0027425002
ISBN-13: 9780027425000
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  • What are we over 1 year
    The house of dies drear is a great book it is kid friendly and hope you like it as much as Zaza me.
    • suwodozi-158265319487
      suwodozi-158265319487over 1 year44 stars
      The House of Dies Drear is a very mysterious book. It was not scary and it was really weird. It might make you stay up all night.
      • carosasu-158265320887
        The House of Dies Drear is in amazing book that comes with a lot of creepy mystery.The triangle that some one found was the creepiest for me. Pluto acts different in the night.He acts creepy in the night and in the morning ha acts normal.Its like ha has a twin I thought that it was going to be more creepy because of the title but it wasn't and I also thought that there was going to be ghosts I give it an 8/10 because I thought it was going to be more creepy but it was not creepy and I like creepy books.It was okay because it was kind of creepy.
        • botakejo-158265318266
          botakejo-158265318266over 1 year44 stars
          Dies Drear and the three slave ghosts still haunt the rooms of the 3 story house that they were murdered in. The ghosts still haunt the underground tunnels of the house of dies drear. I thought that the House of Dies Drear was going to be scary but the only part that scared me was when Thomas went down in the underground tunnels and incounterd the three slave ghosts and heard a a'ing sound. I know that some of you guys might like the House of Dies Drear but I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.
          • ceradufa-158265316849
            ceradufa-158265316849over 1 year44 stars
            House of Dies Drear was an amazing book. It had hidden clues, hidden message, and a secret passage. It wasn't scary at all but I still liked it . I thought it would have been scarier but it wasn't. When we first read the book I expected an exciting book. My favorite part was when Thomas found a tunnel that was a rail road track. Then someone said boo.
            • gabejezu-158265321085
              gabejezu-158265321085over 1 year44 stars
              Are you looking for a book to read? Well I have one for you.The House of Dies of Drear is an amazing and mysterious book.The House of Dies Drear is a book about a 13 years old boy named Thomas.Thomas found lots of mysterious clues.There was some boys named the Darrow boys.They were trying to get Thomas and Mr.Small and Thomas's mom to get out of the house.They were trying to get them out of the house by putting triangles on the doors.They were also trying to get them out the house to find the treasure. I love this book because it has mysteries and it also has clues.It also has some scary parts in the book.
              • nezikovi-158265319689
                nezikovi-158265319689over 1 year55 stars
                The book of house of dies drear is a mysterious book. It has amazing part. When you start reading the book. You won't want to stop reading it. House of dies drear is a good book to read. This book is one of my favorite books to read . If you can bye the book i would bye it to read. One of my favorite parts in the book is when one of the character goes through the bathroom mirror . Why i like the book is because it can be scary at some times in the book.
                • bowykibi-158265320092
                  bowykibi-158265320092over 1 year44 stars
                  The book House of Dies Drear is not horrifying novel. The family moves to a building. they figure out the clues. The book was not horrifying. The family found three triangles. They found the last triangles in the Dad office. Mr.Pluto does not act weird in the House. He act`s weird at church. The family see`s Mr.Pluto acting weird in church. I like the book. You should read it. I got scared by Thomas hearing the sounds in the tunnel. I liked the book because it scared me. If you read it you will not stop reading House of Dies Drier.
                  • pahavano-158265319889
                    pahavano-158265319889over 1 year55 stars
                    The house of Dies Drear is an astonishing and historical book with mysteries and riddles through out.I gave the book Dies Drear A 7 out of 10.It would have been a ten if it was a lot scarier. The main characters of this book are Pluto,Thomas,Mr small ,Mrs small and the twins.Mrs small, Mr small, Thomas and the twins were moving to the house of Dies Drear.Thomas was suspicions of the house.He thought there were two ghosts and a demon.There are long chapters to go along with cliff hangers.It would keep you up a solid one or two days.My favorite part was when something said aaa in a secret passageway.
                    • vavetony-158265317465
                      vavetony-158265317465over 1 year44 stars
                      Do you like thrillers and historical mystery books? If you do, read House of Dies Drear. It is magnificent it relates back to the time of the slaves. Your eyes will be locked on it all night you will not want to sleep. Thomas and Mr and Mrs Small moved into the House of Dies Drear. There is a man named Pluto and when Thomas thought he was the devil. He thought Pluto trashed their kitchen. They found out it the Darrow boys. They found out Pluto has a son named Mayhew. They get revenge and they scare the Darrow boys. Another thing is the Darrow boys were trying to find Dies Drear’s treasure. They dug tunnels to their house and they were sneaking in at night. This is an amazing book. I would give it ten stars if I could.