The Great Gilly Hopkins LITERATURE KIT

A story about a bold and brazen eleven-year-old girl and foster child that has great expectations about life! Gilly runs away from her foster home looking for her real mother. Not finding her she begins to adjust to life with the foster family. On Thanksgiving weekend, Gilly is busy taking care of everyone as they had the flu, Gillys grandmother shows up. She has come to take Gilly to live with her in Virginia. Gilly must move to a new home against her will and realizes how she is loved at the foster house. Gilly learns many valuable life lessons, relationships and prejudice. She learns the importance of family, friendships, and what it means to be loved by those around her.
Perfect Paperback, 55 pages
Published on July 1, 2007 by Classroom Complete Press
ISBN-10: 1553193369
ISBN-13: 9781553193364
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  • readingprincess
    readingprincessalmost 11 years
    i want to read this book because we are reading this book in class and if people look on my profile and they see the great gilly hopkins they might want to read that book when they go to barnes and nobles or a book store they might want to buy this book