The Giving Tree (Hebrew) (Hebrew Edition)

Book Details:
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Date: 1/1/2003
  • Pages: 58
  • Reading Level: Age 1 and Up
Hardcover, 58 pages
Published on January 1, 2003 by Modan Pub
ISBN-10: 9657141494
ISBN-13: 9789657141496
5 Book Reviews
  • wudufetujehy
    wudufetujehy5 months55 stars
    i LOVE this book its so amazing i tell my siblings this story every night i love it its funny intresting and it shows kindennes and just ITS JUST AMAZING
    • bubba11
      bubba11over 9 years
      the giving tree is a lovly book for all ages i love that book its so sweet !
      • sunny1
        sunny1about 10 years55 stars
        i want decide to read this book because it about a boy who love this tree so much when he grow up he stiils remember the tree when he became a teenager he needed a house and money a boat i like this book it awsome
        • delnoebry
          delnoebryabout 10 years55 stars
          Me and my mom would always get this book at the library.Whenever I read it makes me cry. This is a VERY touching book.READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]
          • lilgodzilla2
            lilgodzilla2about 10 years55 stars
            i love this book because it is very cute and the tree loves the boy so when he gets older, he still loves the tree.