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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5n/a4.849050

Princess Emeralda a.k.a. Emma isn't exactly an ideal princess. Her laugh is more like a donkey's bray than tinkling bells, she trips over her own feet and she does not like Prince Jorge, whom her mother hopes she will marry. But if Emma ever thought to escape her troubles, she never expected it to happen by turning into a frog! When convinced to kiss a frog so he might return to being a prince, somehow the spell is reversed and Emma turns into a frog herself! Thus begins their adventure-a quest to return to human form.

Fascinating and hilarious characters ranging from a self-conscious but friendly bat to a surprisingly loyal snake and a wise green witch confirm that readers won't soon forget this madcap story.

Hardcover, 240 pages
Published on March 3, 2015 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens
ISBN-10: 1619639440
ISBN-13: 9781619639447
51 Book Reviews
  • annabethluna
    annabethlunaover 6 years33 stars
    A princess named Emeralda goes to the swamp one day. She sees a talking frog who insists that he is a prince and tells her to kiss him to turn him back into a prince. When Emeralda kisses him she turns into a frog. Then they go on an adventure to turn back into humans and eventually turn into humans.
    • cerulian
      cerulianover 6 years
      My sister got this book from her library (at my request :)) and we are reading it together. The main character is Princess Emeralda and she is unlike the typical princess. She is not very lady like and does not like her suitor. Instead of the traditional tale in which the prince turns into a frog, the princess is the one who turns into one! She goes on the journey to turning back.
      • coloringbu
        coloringbuover 6 years55 stars
        This book is so funny. It is about a princess that turns into a frog. She has to find a way to back to human. Read the book to find out what happens.
        • strawberry1234
          strawberry1234over 6 years55 stars
          THIS BOOK IS AMAZING ITS NOT ALL PRINCESS LIKE. I ENJOYED THIS BOOK . ANYONE should read this book if you like princess that are not that much princess.
          • casgirl
            casgirlover 6 years44 stars
            really , really good book . MAN ! ! I really recommend this book , you should really read it . OH , and the plot twists .
            • coolgirlintown
              coolgirlintownover 6 years55 stars
              This book can not be told in words but one. AMAZING!!!!!!!! This book is a wonderful book and is funny no, so funny!!!! I totally recommend this book to anyone.
              • sushi321
                sushi321over 6 years
                I have read this book it was about a princess. She kisses a frog so that he might return to being a prince, but then somehow the spell is reversed and she turns into a frog herself! Will she return back into human form? Read to find out.
                • hc3
                  hc3over 6 years55 stars
                  I loved this book! Princess Emma is a fun character with Eadric by her side. Five stars. P.S. There is some mushy parts!
                  • zombiedude
                    zombiedudeover 6 years33 stars
                    It was a good book because it was a calm relaxing book to read over the summer. It has some action but also some funny parts.
                    • bunnyzhang
                      bunnyzhangover 6 years55 stars
                      This book is about a girl named Emma. Emma is a princess but was turned into a frog after she kissed a frog named Eadric. Eadric was turned into a frog by a witch and can only turn back to a human when a real princess kissed him. When Emma kissed Eadric, she was wearing a bracelet that her aunt Grassina gave her (Emma’s aunt Grassina is a witch, but a nice one). Eadric was supposed to turn back to a human but Emma’s bracelet reverses any spell a witch casts on Emma so the witch would find the spell bouncing back to the witch. Instead of Eadric turning back into human form, Emma turned into a frog. It is an amazing story with lots of curios adventures.