The Ersatz Elevator (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 6)

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 6 - 12V6.639933


In their most daring misadventure, the Baudelaire orphans are adopted by very, very rich people, whose penthouse apartment is located mysteriously close to the place where all their misfortune began. Even though their new home in the city is fancy, and the children are clever and charming, I'm sorry to say that still, the unlucky orphans will encounter more disaster and woe. In fact, in this sixth book in A Series of Unfortunate Events, the children will experience a darkened staircase, a red herring, an auction, parsley soda, some friends in a dire situation, a secret passageway, and pinstripe suits.

Both literary and irreverent, hilarious and deftly crafted, A Series of Unfortunate Events offers an exquisitely dark comedy in the tradition of Edward Gorey and Roald Dahl. Lemon Snicket's uproariously unhappy books continue to win readers, despite all his warnings.

Hardcover, 272 pages
Published on February 1, 2001 by HarperCollins
ISBN-10: 0064408647
ISBN-13: 9780064408646
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  • nac
    nacover 1 year55 stars
    Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are moving in with their new guardians, the incredibly wealthy Esme and Jerome Squalor. Jerome is nice but he goes along with everything his wife says, and all his wife cares about is what is in, and what is out. The Baudelaire children have to play along with everything while trying to find their missing friends, the Quagmires. But when Count Olaf once again shows up in a disguise that fools everyone, the Baudelaires know the Quagmires must be nearby, and that Olaf seems to have an inside accomplice. Will they be able to find their friends and stop Count Olaf? And will anything good ever happen in this series of unfortunate events?
    • addyl97
      addyl97over 1 year55 stars
      The Ersatz Elevator begins with Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire embarking on a brand new adventure. Their path has taken them this time to 667 Dark Avenue; the same city where they were born. Although happy to return to the city they loved, their uncertain future is troubling. They soon meet their new guardians, Jerome and Esme Squalor. Esme and Jerome are night and day to one another. Jerome is gentle with a kind heart. Esme is greedy, cruel and obsessed with popularity. After only a short time the children discover that Esme is definitely not the guardian that they thought their parents would assign for them. This curiosity led to the unfortunate events in this book which the Baudelaire children are faced with. In addition to worrying about their future, they worry about Count Olaf who is certainly still out to get them and will go to extraordinary measures to fulfill what he wants. The Baudelaires are questioning everything that people are telling them but are being ignored because they are children this is the way I connect to the book. Because It can be very frustrating when people are dismissing every word you say just because of your age. I give this book five stars because it is so descriptive that you can paint a clear picture of what everything looks like.
      • bizet
        bizetabout 2 years55 stars
        this is one of the best book of the series!! I highly recommend the series to anyone who likes realistic fiction/mistery.
        • wolfchildren
          wolfchildrenover 2 years55 stars
          9 year old: Best book series ever, but Count Olaf is a jerk. Lemony Snicket has lots of great books, but this series is my favorite. 7 year old: I liked it, because we read it together. 12 year old: It is the best book series, Lemony Snicket is a great author. Mom: Reading this series together as a family was incredible. We paused and discussed theories so much. We did end up watching both the film and Netflix show after, neither do the series justice, but it was fun to see how film portrayed our favorite series of all time.
          • hedgeguin2
            hedgeguin2over 2 years55 stars
            The Ersatz Elevator is about the Baudelaire children. They go to live with their parent’s friends before they died. At first, the Baudelaires are quite excited, but soon realize their life isn’t good here either. Count Olaf is hiding the Quagmire triplets, and when he shows up, the Baudelaires do everything they can to save them. Count Olaf escapes, but the Baudelaire orphans skills will help them through all of Count Olaf’s skills! This book is great for anyone who likes mystery and unfortunate events! :P
            • gymzonia
              gymzoniaover 2 years44 stars
              This book is good. it introduces other important main characters. There are a lot of exciting moments and a lot of adventure in this book.
              • Yoboypizzaabout 3 years
                Good book but I don’t no know how to read
                • bookwormilg
                  bookwormilgover 3 years55 stars
                  I loved this book SO much!!! It has to be my favorite in the series after the Penultimate Peril. I love Esme and Jerome Squalor, and Count Olaf's most recent disguise! Great book, great series!
                  • wiccanbat666
                    wiccanbat666over 3 years55 stars
                    This series was my ENTIRE LIFE when I was a small human child. I saved any and all money I received to buy the books (my first collection of matching hardcovers) and listened to them on cassette tape (OKAY GUESS WHO JUST SOUNDS OLD RIGHT NOW) when I wasn't re-reading the physical copies.
                    • 23unicorncat
                      23unicorncatover 3 years55 stars
                      so far halfway