Another superb novel to delight Jacqueline Wilson’s vast 8-12-year-old girl fanbase.

Dixie is the youngest of the Diamond family. She and her sisters, dreamy Martine, glamorous Rochelle and tough Jude, could hardly be more different from each other but their Mum’s tried to teach them the value of sticking together. Now Mum’s expecting yet another baby and she’s convinced this one’s a boy. Time to move to a bigger place, she insists, and the girls scarcely have time to protest before they find themselves at their new house. It’s rough, dilapidated and filthy and before they’ve even unpacked the furniture, Mum goes into labour!

By the time Mum comes home with the new baby, Jude’s been in a fight, Rochelle’s found a new boyfriend and Martine’s stormed off. Only Dixie stays loyally by Mum’s side – so only Dixie spots her secret…

From the Hardcover edition.
Hardcover, 229 pages
ISBN-10: 0385606079
ISBN-13: 9780385606073
5 Book Reviews
  • dorkpop2000
    dorkpop2000almost 4 years55 stars
    Hello, I am Dorkpop2000 and today I will be reviewing, ‘The Diamond Girls.’ Now, may I just say this book is AMAZING. Basically, the book is filled with drama throughout which makes you engrossed to the book. This is a strategy the author uses in her books which really interests me. Also, another point I may add, is that she adds real life situations in the book. It makes you feel as if you know the main character in real life. The minute I read the first chapter I kept on reading it and reading it and I was quite upset when I finished it. It was quite scary at some points but that wasn’t a big deal for me. Do I recommend it? Oh yes! But, I would advise age 10 or 11 and over will enjoy it most. Some maturity is needed to understand and enjoy the book more. I hope after reading my review, you have a better idea on reading this book.
    • mojo;)about 5 years
      i luv it. soooooooooooo amazballz
      • giggles500
        giggles500over 7 years
        it great
        • showmetheworld
          showmetheworldover 7 years33 stars
          I decided to read the book because the blurb made the book sound really really exciting. It was a bit boring at different stages but overall a good book. I don't know why but for some reason after I read the book I somehow got a bit freaked out. ( The last 2 chapters are scary then sad.) I wouldn't go near that book for about a month!
          • xma
            xmaabout 8 years55 stars
            You've gotta read this! It's awesome! Cool and fashionable! Kids who luv fashion! You like like gotta read this! It's Like Indescribable in a good way