The Brightest Night (Wings of Fire, Book 5)

Book 5 of 13 in the Wings of Fire Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 6n/a5.574378
The dragonets struggle to fulfill the prophecy and -- somehow -- end the war in this thrilling new installment of the bestselling WINGS OF FIRE series!

It all comes down to this: The Dragonets of Destiny must finally bring the epic war to an end, reconcile the seven tribes, and choose the next queen of Pyrrhia... and make it out alive.
Paperback, 336 pages
Published on April 28, 2015 by Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 0545349273
ISBN-13: 9780545349277
67 Book Reviews
  • dragons4life
    dragons4lifealmost 2 years55 stars
    I think this is the best book in the series [I read the series and cant wait for book 14!] because its through sunny's amazing point of view and sunny is a very happy, funny character who i feel i know in person! I highly recommend this book!
    • Yeetboisalmost 2 years
      It is amazing. I've read the book almost 80 times, and I am always entertained.
      • juhefere-156934617400
        juhefere-156934617400almost 2 years55 stars
        This book keeps you at the edge of your seat. But make sure you start from the beginning šŸ˜
        • kailyn6b
          kailyn6balmost 2 years55 stars
          Poor sunny.She is always misunderstood.Find her view point of the story and see if she is really only a little bundle of kindness,like her friends think, or can she take care of herself and stop the war.
          • turtleanimus777
            turtleanimus777almost 2 years55 stars
            This book gives readers a peek into the mind of Sunny, who is the second of the dragonets of destiny to find both parents (sane, that is). Sunny shows us that she is more than she is portrayed to be in the first four books and seen to be by her friends. This proves to readers that optimism may be necessary at some times, but faith will always see you through.
            • Alexabout 2 years
              Love this book. Very heart warming and sweet and very evil and nefarious. I enjoyed it sooo much!
              • Jeffabout 2 years
                I love the book every chapter makes me want to read more.
                • pokemonlover405
                  pokemonlover405over 2 years55 stars
                  this wings of fire book is staring sunny the smallest dragonet she was always a weird sandwing is she the real "chosen dragonet" but now she is in her element while the other dragons struggle in the sand sunny bounds through it but there is a difference between her and the other sand wings she is a pale yellow unlike the other sand wings but then she figures out that she is part nightwing!! her father was a nightwing but when she finally meets him he is turning into stone she has to choose to leave him or stay there for the rest of her life! but she has to fulfill the "prophecy" will she get out alive?? have to read. it to find out!!!!!
                  • wowover 2 years
                    best book ever!
                    • aaa57
                      aaa57over 2 years55 stars
                      SPOILER ALERT. It is crazy what happened to blister and burn although Iā€™m glad that Thorn is the new Queen instead of blaze who would not make the best Queen