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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5U4.451362

Tom Gallagher finds himself in a tight spot. The fate of Dillontown rests on the outcome of one baseball game, winner take all. And it's all because Tom had to open his big mouth. If only he could get Dante Del Gato-the greatest hitter to ever play the game-to coach the team. But crazy ol' Del Gato hasn't spoken to folks in years, not after walking away from the game in disgrace just before his team played in its first World Series. Maybe Tom has one more hope: Cruz de la Cruz, the mysterious boy who just rode into town on horseback claiming to know the secret of hitting. Not to mention the secrets of Del Gato . . .

Hardcover, 224 pages
Published on May 12, 2003 by Philomel
ISBN-10: 0399236228
ISBN-13: 9780399236228
6 Book Reviews
  • Big boy 22over 3 years
    this book is an awesome book because Tom Gallagher saved their baseball field from being turned into houses they have to beat the team down the mountain
    • ilovereading24
      ilovereading24over 4 years33 stars
      My students enjoyed this novel. They found it as a good book, but the more advanced readers much preferred something a little more challenging.
      • benboy
        benboyabout 7 years44 stars
        The Boy who saved baseball was written by John H. Ritter and was first published in 2003. This book is about a town who can never agree on anything, and they want to tear down a baseball field. There are boys who love baseball and want to keep the field. The town decides to have a baseball game to decide who should get to keep the field.My opinion on this book is definitely that it is a good book and in the top 20 I have ever read. It is a fantastic book with a great storyline and I would definitely read another book just like it.This genre is realistic fiction because there really could be a town that can’t agree on anything and there could have been a baseball field they wanted to tear down and some boys won’t let them. It all could have really happened but it didn’t so therefore it is realistic fiction. An audience that would enjoy this book would be somebody that loves sports or baseball especially. They would like this book because the main subject matter is about baseball and if you like sports baseball is one of the originals! An internal conflict in this book was when Tom was torn as to what he should do because his town/Doc want to sell the baseball field. He internally has to think what to do, which makes this an internal conflict. An External conflict in this book was when the town played a game to decide what they were going to do with the field. This was an external conflict because they played hands on a game for the field.
        • baseballguy4
          baseballguy4over 7 years
          this book is an awesome book because Tom Gallagher saved there baseball field from being turned into houses they have to beat the team down the mountain.
          • meister4
            meister4over 7 years
            It's the best book i ever read i love itexcept cruz and del gato are kinda' mysterious but it's still a really good book