The Baby-Sitters Club: The Truth About Stacey

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 4n/a2.79046
America's favorite baby-sitters come to life in a new graphic novel series!

Poor Stacey. She's moved to a new town. She's still coming to terms with her diabetes. She's facing baby-sitting problems left and right. And her parents are no help.

Luckily, Stacey has three new, true friends -- Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne. Together they're the BSC, and they will deal with whatever's thrown their way -- even if it's a rival baby-sitting club!
Hardcover, 144 pages
Published on November 1, 2006 by GRAPHIX
ISBN-10: 043986724X
ISBN-13: 9780439867245
13 Book Reviews
  • cacia09
    cacia09almost 2 years55 stars
    I think this book is really god .
    • unicornperson
      unicornpersonabout 2 years55 stars
      This is a story about how Stacey got a part of the baby sitters club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • klbaek26
        klbaek26about 5 years55 stars
        So good! My favourite is vice president,Caludia. Did I spelled her name correctly? I think I don't
        • jasmin99
          jasmin99almost 6 years55 stars
          I am not done reading the book yet but I know Stacey joins the babysitters club and they have a party
          • swirlycool
            swirlycoolover 6 years55 stars
            Stacey joins a club called the Baby Sitters Club. She comes from New York. She came from New York cause her friend Laine didn't want to be friends with her cause 1 day she got sick and had to go to the doctor. She never talked to Stacey since. Stacey made new friends. With them, they made a club called "The Baby Sitters Club". One day, Claudia's sister shows a group of girls who COPIED their club! They find out they are terrible baby sitters. Non of there old customers like the new girls in town. They walk back from school finding a kid thats there friend IN THE STREETS! They find out 1 of the girls, Cathy Moriss, is baby-sitting him, though she was NO WHERE to be seen... They tell the boy, Jamie, to go get his hats and gloves on. He does as said and goes in his back yard to play instead of the streets. They wait till Cathy goes. They tell Jamie's mom what happened. She said she won't use them anymore. BTW the girls who copied them made a club called The Baby Sitters AGENCY. Stacey goes to New York to visit the doctor to check her cause she has diabetes. She seems fine. Laine AND Stacey become friends again! Stacey doesn't have to contiue her tests and the Baby Sitters Agency fails. The End.
            • mjcrazy
              mjcrazyover 7 years55 stars
              I LOVED IT
              • amy22
                amy22almost 8 years
                Its so sad at the same time so fun to read.The author puts a lot of description in it which makes me visualize in a way.
                • ikyra_marie
                  ikyra_marieabout 8 years55 stars
                  love them
                  • zebrapeace1103
                    zebrapeace1103over 8 years55 stars
                    There are all awesome!
                    • aescamilla
                      Ms. Escamillaover 8 years55 stars
                      I LOVE these series. I used to read these all of the time. People, if you like girl drama, then these books are perfect for you! I remember how proud I was when I read one book in one day. Our library has a lot of these books.