Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Boys' & Girls' Library)

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, is a popular 1876 novel about a young boy growing up in the antebellum South on the Mississippi River in the fictional town of St. Petersburg, Missouri.
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published on August 17, 1999 by Children's Classics
ISBN-10: 0517205769
ISBN-13: 9780517205761
31 Book Reviews
  • Heroalmost 5 years
    This book is great
    • snowcreep
      snowcreepalmost 5 years33 stars
      its a classic theres not much to say. . . .. ... . . . .. . . .. but... . . . . . . there is murder
      • henrys21
        henrys21almost 6 years55 stars
        "Tom Sawyer", he is a boy that very likes the adventures. This book write the adventure of Tom Sawyer. They steal's pirates' treasure using his smart brain. He work with his teammate and finally, the mission success. I think this book is excited and you can imagine that you are Tom Sawyer and you are fighting with pirates. I think this book is great and the adventures were interested. My favourite character is the main character: Tom Sawyer, because he is brave and loves adventures. I think it will be fun when you are going to a mysterious place that you haven't been there before.
        • R5rocks.comover 6 years
          We are reading this book in my class and I love it so much
          • superman325
            superman325over 6 years
            Its pretty good book I'm still reading funny and the part when he talks to huckleberry Finn then there all shocked about even the teacher:-D :-D :-D :-D =-O =-O
            • ikyra_marie
              ikyra_marieover 7 years
              Then Aunt Polly takes him home and then Tom tells Aunt Polly he had a dream and makes the ridiculous mistake of telling her everything she saw when he snuck home for the night.Tom was now the hero of the school and so was Joe and HUck too.Tom goes to school and starts flirting with Amy Lawrence trying to make Becky jealous.She then sees what he is doing and she goes up to this kid named Alfred and starts flirting with him.They both get bored and frusterated with this.Alfred then pours ink on Tom's book and he gets whipped for it.The teacher has a prized book that none of the children have seen before.One day Becky is in the classroom and sees the key in it's lock and opens it.She accidently rips the book and Tom happens to be standing right next to her.He ends up taking the blame for what happens.Then break comes and Tom is bored to death.Then the measles come.Becky Thatcher is away at her Constantinople home and he is so lonely.He then gets up for the fist time in weeks and is so bored because he has no friends around to handg with or play with.Then he relapses with the measles again.When Tom gets better almost three weeks later,he finds Huckleberry Finn and they go and start hunting for treasure.They hike up to this abandoned house where they look for treasure for two days.One day they here people coming and they hide upstairs.They accidently leave their tools outside.It happens to be Injun Joe, the murderer who killed young Doctor Robinson!There is a Spanish guy with him.They happen to find treasure and then they leave almost discovering the boys.And that's all I have read so far.I left out the part where Tom goes to the court to testify or whatever though.
              • ikyra_marie
                ikyra_marieover 7 years
                Ok, so I have read more of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer.So it gets more exciting when you go into later chapters.Im going to start by telling you about the part where at school,he's crushing on Becky Thatcher and his mission is to get her attention.They end up meeting and getting "engaged"But then Tom tells her that he was engaged to this other girl,Amy Lawrence first.They get all mad at each other and all that.Then a couple chapters later,he decides that his Aunt Polly doesn't love him anymore and Joe decides the same thing since his mother whipped him earlier thinking he stole the cream when she had actually thrown it out herself.They decide to become pirates and they also invite "Huck" or Huckleberry Finn to come with them.At first the boys think this is great fun to pretend to be pirates when they catch their own food and make camp without their parent(s).But then on Saturday they see a ferry sort of boat coming with a party of people searching for them and they feel really homesick.Then when the night comes Tom gets so homesick that he sneakes back to his Aunt Polly's house when the boys fall asleep.He then waits till she's asleep and kisses her goodnight.The next morning the boys want to go back home because they don't like being pirates anymoreWhen he sees they aren't kidding he calls for them and tells them his secret.They then get caught in a terrible storm and then go on a log to the church and hide in an unused gallery to attend their own funeral.They then show themselves and everyone is relived and happy to see them especially Aunt Polly.
                • ikyra_marie
                  ikyra_marieover 7 years
                  Reading it for english class this year.I just started it and I think it is really good for a classic sort of book.Usually classics tend to be really boring for me because i am into mystery sort of books.At the beginning of the adventures of tom sawyer, the book tells how he is a mischeivious boy who does absolutely everything to get himself into sticky situations and big trouble.He doesn't do his work or chores and ditches school to go swimming on a hot summer day.Since his parents died, his aunt polly takes care of him and asks tom if he went swimming and he says no.But tom also has a stepbrother named sid who is an absolute goody twoshoes and he tells on him.Then tom gets the job of whitewashing the fence and pretends he likes it and before long he is getting "paid" by other children to paint the fence.Tom is so mischeivious that it makes the book really entertaining to read, although since it is a really long story and has difficult dialogue, older kids should read it.
                  • sultan123
                    sultan123over 7 years44 stars
                    This book is a coming of age novel. In this book a boy named Tom Sawyer has adventures with his freinds. The book is written by the famous writer of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain. He has wrote many books including the prince and the pauper.
                    • rainbowunicorn
                      rainbowunicornover 7 years44 stars
                      I think this is good book, it is moderately funny and hard to put down. tom sawyer is your typical troublemaker from the late 1800's, digging for treasure, going to a near by island to be a pirate and getting lost in caves.