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What If You Had Animal Teeth?

What If You Had Animal Teeth?

By Sandra Markle
1 ratings1 reviews
  • alexp
    What If you had animal teeth Hi my name is Alex. I have read What If You Had Animal Teeth. It is written by Sandra Markle. It is all these children who have Animal teeth. I think the Author wanted to entertain us because it was so funny I liked the story because the pictures the characters...
Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings) (Vol 1)

Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings) (Vol 1)

By J R R Tolkien
41 ratings38 reviews
  • cheetahluver
    cheetahluver55 stars
    The Fellowship of the Ring is the sequel to the Hobbit, but is technically the first book in the three-book series, the Lord of the Rings. This story takes place in Middle- Earth, a unique fantasy land that is filled with magical creatures. There's a lot of background information, but at present,...
97 Ways to Train a Dragon (Dragon Slayers' Academy (Pb))

97 Ways to Train a Dragon (Dragon Slayers' Academy (Pb))

By Kate McMullan
0 ratings1 reviews
  • afjkls;
    weird book. Good plot, but weird.
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, Book 1)

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, Book 1)

By Suzanne Collins
1386 ratings2127 reviews
  • peeta12
    This is the best trilogy ever look at my name!! I am obsessed with the hunger games trilogy all three of the books went to midnight premire of the movie they had the hunger games in the theater it was so col but i didnt get picked i was in district 4 and the guy from our district won!! I like the...
The Star Thief

The Star Thief

By Lindsey Becker
4 ratings1 reviews
  • the book is gud
    this boom is amazing like 10/10
Dragon Captives (The Unwanteds Quests)

Dragon Captives (The Unwanteds Quests)

By Lisa McMann
4 ratings20 reviews
  • lisamcmann
    Hi there! I'm the author of the new Unwanteds Quests series. Dragon Captives is the first book. It's a spinoff from the Unwanteds series, but you don't have to read that series first if you don't want to. You can start with this one. Then, if you like it, you can go back and read the original boo...
Michael Vey 6

Michael Vey 6

By Richard Paul Evans
2 ratings4 reviews
  • jsuper_0727
    jsuper_072755 stars
    Wars are not won with manpower, they are won with checkbooks. That is what Michael Vey and the Electroclan is doing in Michael Vey Book 6: Fall of Hades by Richard Paul Evans. This book takes place on modern times and is in several places in the World. The Electroclan are going to carry out th...
The Neptune Challenge

The Neptune Challenge

By Polly Holyoke
2 ratings3 reviews
  • spinnypeeps
    spinnypeeps55 stars
    Nere, a genetically- altered girl who lives under the waves of the ocean, is anything but normal. Unless you consider having gills, night vision, and having to fight sharks, mutates, and authorities average, of course. Oh, and she can read minds even MILES AWAY. Right now she is resting at Safety...
The Sisters Grimm: Book Nine: The Council of Mirrors

The Sisters Grimm: Book Nine: The Council of Mirrors

By Michael Buckley
7 ratings6 reviews
  • jcisdaboss
    THIS. WAS. SO. SPECTACULAR. EVERYTHING. Every hope you had in the other books, you'll get everything. The romance. The action. The swash-buckling. The magic. The Mirror. The grief. The tragedy. You'll find it all . . . right in this book. the ending left me utterly satisfied, and giggling with gl...
Dragon Ball Z , Vol. 1 (Collector's Edition)

Dragon Ball Z , Vol. 1 (Collector's Edition)

By Akira Toriyama
4 ratings3 reviews
  • newyearbaby
    newyearbaby33 stars
    I love the tv show it is better than the book trust me I do recommend the book because I used to be obsessed with it

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