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It's Raining Cupcakes

It's Raining Cupcakes

By Lisa Schroeder
23 ratings30 reviews
  • emmy1234
    Twelve year old Isabel is dying to get out of Willow, Oregon (population 39, 257) and experience something other than her small town. It seems that everyone gets to travel except Isabel--even her best friend, Sophie. When Isabel's mother decides to open up a cupcake shop across town, Isabel is on...
Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices)

Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices)

By Cassandra Clare
3 ratings3 reviews
  • fantomsky26
    fantomsky2633 stars
    This book is amazing. The forbidden love is odd though but it is also good, but my favorite part was the love that everyone at the institute have for each other and what they would do for each other. Another thing about the book that I like is all the mysteries that everyone hide.
Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Classics)

Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Classics)

By Thomas Hardy
1 ratings1 reviews
  • alicew
    alicew33 stars
    Tess of the D'Ubervilles is by the famous writer, Thomas Hardy. This has got to be one of the most depressing books I've ever read, Although the plot was not bad because of all those jaw-dropping events, there isn't really anything in particular that catches my eye. I don't really have a favorite...
Spy School

Spy School

By Stuart Gibbs
80 ratings105 reviews
  • 11037
    1103755 stars
    Ben Ripley is your average nerd. On a daily basis, he goes to advanced classes, gets harassed by Dirk the Jerk, and sleeps through math class. He is THE chess team. He is normal, right? Wrong. Ben is recruited to a secret CIA training facility in the middle of January and failed his surprise exam...
When My Sister Started Kissing

When My Sister Started Kissing

By Helen Frost
0 ratings1 reviews
  • lol
    its preety cool


By Holly Goldberg Sloan
7 ratings9 reviews
  • snicker9
    Julia Marks doesn’t have what you would call any type of musical talent. So she doesn’t understand why her mother is making her audition for the Wizard of Oz. She is even less thrilled when she finds out both she and her little brother Randy got roles as Munchkins in the play. Now the thing she d...
Heaven Is Paved with Oreos

Heaven Is Paved with Oreos

By Catherine Gilbert Murdock
5 ratings5 reviews
  • maddyrocks13
    maddyrocks1333 stars
    Heaven Is Paved With Oreos by Catherine Gilbert Murdock follows 14 year old Sarah Zorn as she goes on a trip to Rome. Rome is QUITE different from her hometown, Wisconsin, and she's away from her best friend "boyfriend" Curtis and her family. Sarah's in Rome with her Grandma Z, who's an adventure...
The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature

The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature

By Daniel Hahn
0 ratings2 reviews
  • sly fox
    I think it is a good book
Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

By Nick Bruel
29 ratings34 reviews
  • theo12345
    theo1234555 stars
    this book is about a cat named kitty and was at home with uncle Merey because her owner went on a trip. then, when they came back, they brought a baby. Kitty thought in his mind that it was a dog, but the other kitty's thought it was cat. then they did some kind of race and the new kitty which wa...
The Three Furies (Erec Rex)

The Three Furies (Erec Rex)

By Kaza Kingsley
1 ratings1 reviews
  • glitter15
    glitter1544 stars
    This book is a really good book. I had a lot of fun reading it!

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