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Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

By Chris Grabenstein
45 ratings70 reviews
  • bella1111
    Your going to want to hear this review and then read this book. The book I read was called "Mr.lemoncello's LIBRARY" it is by Chris Grabentein, and it is great. The settings of this book are the library and sometimes the school. The library is the most common place. So this kid named Kyle Keeley ...
"Who Could That Be at This Hour?" (All the Wrong Questions)

"Who Could That Be at This Hour?" (All the Wrong Questions)

By Lemony Snicket
41 ratings52 reviews
  • xxpish
    xxpish55 stars
    A mysterious tale with twists and turns in the plot, Lemony becomes an apprentice in a secret organization to S. Theodora Markson. They work to steal a statue of the mythical Bombinating Beast in Stain’d-By-The-Sea; a small town with few businesses known for its ink that was next to the sea that...
Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race

Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race

By Chris Grabenstein
1 ratings2 reviews
  • jeffdaboss
    jeffdaboss55 stars
    Chris Grabenstein is a legendary author, and anyone who hasn't read his books should. I will definitely pre-order this book and so should everyone who loves a good book should also!
Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics

Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics

By Chris Grabenstein
17 ratings6 reviews
  • sweetpea97
    Oh please please please!!! Have pity on me and give me the book!!! I am the biggest bookworm ever in my K-12 school. I love reading so much I trained myself to learn how to read and walk at the same time. (I'm now fluent at it. I don't trip at all, even on stairs!) I have finished all the books i...
Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

By Jacqueline Green
0 ratings2 reviews
  • bellz


By Gordon Korman
27 ratings37 reviews
  • John
    In Swindle by Gordon Korman there is an abandoned house. The rockford house. The kids slept over night there. They wanted the town to turn it into a skate bored park.they woke up to a wreking ball crashing into the house. they found a base ball card on the way out. they broght it to a store and t...
Embassy Row #1: All Fall Down

Embassy Row #1: All Fall Down

By Ally Carter
23 ratings31 reviews
  • memoiloveit
    memoiloveit55 stars
    All Fall Down, a mystery and fiction book by Ally Carter, is the first book in the Embassy Row Series. The protagonist, Grace Blakely, travels to live in Embassy Row after living in America and just visiting Embassy Row every summer, a city with embassies for every country. She meets a woman na...
Scar Island

Scar Island

By Dan Gemeinhart
12 ratings9 reviews
  • dictionary
    dictionary55 stars
    Jonathan Grisby has done something horrible. And he's willing to accept whatever punishment is coming his way. That made him get in Slabhenge Reformatory School for Troubled Boys. Not really a school; an ancient island. In Slabhenge, you don't write essays about your summer. You don't have recess...
Lou Lou and Pea and the Mural Mystery

Lou Lou and Pea and the Mural Mystery

By Jill Diamond
0 ratings1 reviews
  • kimkim12
    Lou Lou Bombay and Peacock Pearl have been best friends since first grade. Every Friday afternoon, they get together in Lou Lou's backyard garden for their PSPP (Post-School Pre-Parents) tea party. They chat about school, discuss Pea's latest fashions, and plot the weekend's activities.
Took: A Ghost Story

Took: A Ghost Story

By Mary Downing Hahn
11 ratings36 reviews
  • memoiloveit
    I think this book is fair because it’s suspenseful. The main character, Daniel, has just moved to West Virginia with his family. Daniel and his little sister, Erica, suspect something suspicious around their house and they feel like someone’s always watching them. Old Auntie, an evil witch that l...

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