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The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events #5)

The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events #5)

By Lemony Snicket
28 ratings27 reviews
  • demosthenes
    Another miserable story in the Baudelaire lives...In this addition to the Series of Unfortunate Events Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are sent to Prufrock Preparatory School where they meet a handful of awful characters such as: Vice Principal Nero, Carmelita Spats, Mr. Remorta, Mrs. Bass, a...
Old Yeller

Old Yeller

By Fred Gipson, Steven Polson
30 ratings43 reviews
  • b13
    I am really liking this book i'm still reading it, It is really getting intense like when the bulls were fighting and broke the fence. The book is so awesome I hope they will make a second book even know I heard old yeller dies in it
Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Classics)

Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Classics)

By Thomas Hardy
1 ratings1 reviews
  • alicew
    alicew33 stars
    Tess of the D'Ubervilles is by the famous writer, Thomas Hardy. This has got to be one of the most depressing books I've ever read, Although the plot was not bad because of all those jaw-dropping events, there isn't really anything in particular that catches my eye. I don't really have a favorite...
Little Women (Childrens Classics)

Little Women (Childrens Classics)

By Louisa May Alcott
26 ratings40 reviews
  • lemonade11
    I read this book in 5th grade and I honestly LOVE it. The author put many describing words to give me a sense that I was one of the sister's good friends. The one part that I don't like in the book is when Beth dies. That is really sad, even though she is a very quiet person in the book. She has ...


By Johanna Spyri
17 ratings12 reviews
  • redheadperson22
    Warning! This review contains spoilers (not that it matters because there's absolutely no suspense in this book whatsoever). There's this little girl named Heidi, and both of her parents died when she was a baby. So went to go live with her aunt and her grandmother (on her mom's side). But then h...
Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon

By Daniel Keyes
8 ratings8 reviews
  • turtlenicole
    turtlenicole55 stars
    Flowers for Algernon features mentally impaired Charlie Gordon who is to keep a progress report journal so that neurosurgeons Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss could keep track of his intelligence growth. Charlie was born with an under-average IQ of 68 and had a weak creative intelligence. However, he wa...
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

By Rick Riordan
285 ratings250 reviews
  • gronkkkk
    gronkkkk55 stars
    Are you wondering about what book you should read next? Do you think that there are no more books left for you to read in your local library? I strongly recommend that you read the Percy Jackson series. This one’s my favorite, and it could be yours, too! If you need a book to read and can’t find ...
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

By Alvin Schwartz
8 ratings18 reviews
  • 20tkane
    20tkane55 stars
    This book is sooooo creepy! It's a great book for a sleepover party. It has such descriptive language that it would easily give you nightmares! It also has ideas to make up fun and creepy games! There are lots of different stories of murder's, animals, and VERY creepy people! ;)
Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics)

Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics)

By Jane Austen
0 ratings1 reviews
  • lemonade11
    This is SUCH A GREAT BOOK!! This is a classic, so it does have weird words like thy and stuff like flieth. This is a romance, and so with any romance you have problems. Three sisters, one too young to be looking for her true love, but 2 old enough to be looking. Marianne, finding a man named Will...
The Adventures of Captain Underpants

The Adventures of Captain Underpants

By Dav Pilkey
112 ratings159 reviews
  • tim0706
    tim070655 stars
    Tralalalalal-alalalalala-lalalala! Ah, Captain Underpants. The answer to the age old question of what to give boys who hate to read but are being forced to by somebody, whether a teacher or a relative or someone else entirely. There's something about Captain Underpants that is irresistible to a c...

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