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See You in the Cosmos

See You in the Cosmos

By Jack Cheng
31 ratings29 reviews
  • chubbman123
    chubbman12355 stars
    Review: 11 year old Alex Petroski is a boy who adores space like his idol Carl Sagon who is a fmaous astromemer. Alex thought to name his dog Carl Sagon. Alex has a mum that sits on the on the couch and has 'Quiet Days' and goes on 'walks' and his died when Alex was three, a brother who is a spor...
The Cay

The Cay

By Theodore Taylor
27 ratings37 reviews
  • kell-bell
    This was a sad and touching book. War comes to the peaceful island Philip lives on, and his mother takes him away. But little did anyone know the boat would be a target for the enemy. Philip's head was cracked by a piece of metal falling on him. A man luckily found Philip struggling in the water,...
Piecing Me Together

Piecing Me Together

By Renee Watson
0 ratings1 reviews
  • johnreadlibrary
    This realistic fiction novel is narrated by the main character, Jade, who is in her Junior year of high school in Portland, Oregon. Jade is navigating the ups and downs of trying to succeed in a world that often seems against her. She is learning to find that strong voice within her, to advocate...
Boxers (Boxers & Saints)

Boxers (Boxers & Saints)

By Gene Luen Yang, Lark Pien
2 ratings2 reviews
  • domosaur
    This book was a real page-turner. I loved this book so much that I finished it in one day. This book is about a young boy who turns into one of the leaders of a group that kills foreigners that invaded their land. This boy finally gets to the "mother ship" of the foreigners and dies fighting. I r...
Finding Gobi: Young Reader's Edition: The True Story of One Little Dog's Big Journey

Finding Gobi: Young Reader's Edition: The True Story of One Little Dog's Big Journey

By Dion Leonard
1 ratings2 reviews
  • claire13
    claire1355 stars
    It really tells a lot about how one little thing,in this case a dog, can completely change you and your life. It also tells a bunch of facts and the vs about the Gobi desert. It is really cool to see this story and friendship take place. I also love that it is a completely true story! Finding Gob...
The Jumbies

The Jumbies

By Tracey Baptiste
1 ratings1 reviews
  • swatcop
    swatcop55 stars
    So far I am on chapter 21. The book is getting SO GOOD!!! I can't wait to finish it and get the second book, the rise of the jumbies!!! I'm reading this book with my friend Alexis.
A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story

A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story

By Linda Sue Park
51 ratings69 reviews
  • truesunshine
    truesunshine55 stars
    A Long Walk To Water. One of my favorite books of all time. It's about a boy named Salva who had to escape war from his home in South Sudan. He walked miles and miles to refugee camps. (Fun Fact: Salva stayed in one of the refugee camps for 10 YEARS!) But the thing is he NEVER gave up. And that t...
Dactyl Hill Squad

Dactyl Hill Squad

By Daniel José Older
8 ratings12 reviews
  • callie_b
    callie_b44 stars
    Do you ever wonder what life would be like if dinosaurs still existed? Well, it's reality for Magdalys (pronounced Mag-da-LEES) Rocca. It's 1863 in New York City during the Civil War, and Magdalys lives in the Colored Orphan Asylum. AND DINOSAURS STILL EXIST. They are usually pets or they are par...
Inside the World of Roblox

Inside the World of Roblox

By Roblox
12 ratings35 reviews
  • lovebug101
    lovebug10155 stars
    I suggest this book because Roblox is an amazing web age to a bunch of games. And if you are intrested on playing roblox you should read this book. It tells you everything you need to know about Roblox. I Roblox it has types of games for everyone from the girly girls who love to dress up there ch...

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