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Weird but True Wild and Wacky Sticker Doodle Book

Weird but True Wild and Wacky Sticker Doodle Book

By National Geographic Kids
1 ratings9 reviews
The Unwanteds

The Unwanteds

By Lisa McMann
58 ratings83 reviews
  • jsmyth
    jsmyth44 stars
    Accidentally deleted my review, so here it is. (I have all my reviews backed up in a google folder). *May include spoilers!* "The Unwanteds" by Lisa McMann is a fantasy book. It takes place in the land of Quill. Every year, thirteen-year olds are sorted into three groups. The necessaries are ...
The Daring Book for Girls

The Daring Book for Girls

By Andrea J. Buchanan, Miriam B. Peskowitz
6 ratings7 reviews
  • olliebob
    olliebob55 stars
    This book is a must-have for any daring girl! It's filled with activities, ideas and stories, and can help you with everything from wilderness survival, to finding something to do on a boring Summer day. Every page is filled with interesting, enchanting, and daring things! Every daring girl shoul...
My Life as a Gamer (The My Life series)

My Life as a Gamer (The My Life series)

By Janet Tashjian
4 ratings11 reviews
  • pikachu12345665
    It is actually no that bad it is kind of weird and funny at the same time. Really good book if you think about it I personally think that this book would probably be good if it had a lot more thought to it and that probably it could do some more work and some stuff to make it more interesting th...
Pokemon: Essential Handbook

Pokemon: Essential Handbook

By Inc Scholastic, Cris Silvestri
20 ratings54 reviews
  • ashspikachu03
    I play pokemon go. I caught a wild Dragonite that was 1,088cp and a Exegutor that was 866cp. I also play pokemon duel. I buy gems so right now I have six EX. They are Moltress, Deoxys speed form, Zekrom, Mewtwo, Lugia, and Gardevoir. In the pokemon trading card game i have mega EX pokemon and EX...
Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: The Official Alola Region Pokédex & Postgame Adventure Guide

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: The Official Alola Region Pokédex & Postgame Adventure Guide

By Pokemon Company International
1 ratings1 reviews
  • xxmoonlightxx
    I love this book all the boys out there u might think I love boy stuff but I only love sun and moon Pokemon and I love the moon wich won u like


By Jason R. Rich
4 ratings6 reviews
  • cmbman
    This is a really good Pokemon book and I like it a lot.
Minecraft: Essential Handbook

Minecraft: Essential Handbook

By Scholastic
59 ratings107 reviews
  • b21
    I really like this book because it is the perfect guide for beginners in Minecraft. It tells you about all the creatures living in this block world, the tools you can craft to survive, the food you can cook, and more. The is perfect for people who are new to Minecraft, or have been playing for ye...
Sticker Girl

Sticker Girl

By Janet Tashjian
4 ratings12 reviews
  • Kelly Maddison
    I think is a great story because is the little girl in the book is just like me. She is like me because i love stickers but at the same time hate them and i also have a great imagination i pretend i have a little puppy so i have this stuffed animal that is a dog and i play with it like is a real ...

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