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By Raina Telgemeier
303 ratings561 reviews
  • lilwal1617
    Drama By Raina Telgemeier Do you know what it’s like to be in Drama and have a gay friend? Well, in this book a girl named Callie who is the protagonist joins drama but doesn’t be in the play she is stage management. She also has these friends that help her...


By Pam Munoz Ryan
10 ratings22 reviews
  • aub112705
    This book is about a German boy who is different from other kids. He has a birthmark on his face that makes him look like he is spotted. Kids make fun of him because of his birthmark, so his dad has decided to home-school him. It's during the time of Hitler. The boy's name is Frederick. Fred...
That's a Rap

That's a Rap

By MattyB
0 ratings3 reviews
  • hudsonhawks
    This is the king Justin b this kid is a youtube he raps cool songs like songs that kids like that are popular please look him up he is amazing I used my own money at target for this book. It's a good book his name is matty Brap I love his songs and now you will like his song if your a girl you'l...
Animal Farm

Animal Farm

By George Orwell
8 ratings9 reviews
  • risa_i
    risa_i33 stars
    Animal Farm is about the Russian revolution that happened in the 20th century. The story is basically an imitation of the Russian revolution, but they changed all the historic people into animals such as pigs, donkey, etc. Throughout this entire story, there’s a deep meaning under every single wo...
Rebel Genius (Rebel Geniuses)

Rebel Genius (Rebel Geniuses)

By Michael Dante DiMartino
13 ratings7 reviews
  • cerulian
    cerulian55 stars
    What is a genius? You may think it is a very smart person, but a genius really is a muse or something that inspires someone. Michael Dante DiMartino must have a genius of his own because the world he creates in Rebel Genius is one of startling and amazing contrast to our own; a world where art is...
Eminem: 201 Facts You Need To Know!

Eminem: 201 Facts You Need To Know!

By Jacob Fields
1 ratings1 reviews
Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #8: Amelia Bedelia Dances Off

Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #8: Amelia Bedelia Dances Off

By Herman Parish
0 ratings1 reviews
  • heaventoocute
    i have all the other ones and i just want to read this one
Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting

59 ratings76 reviews
  • ryahar1617
    Would you want to live forever? This girl named Winnie she found a hidden spring that could grant you immortality. She is the main character in the book the Tuck Everlasting. The author of this book is Natalie babbitt. I think the antagonist is the family because they must of did stuff to make W...
Dork Diaries 3: Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star

Dork Diaries 3: Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star

By Rachel Renee Russell
204 ratings215 reviews
  • lsf1
    lsf155 stars
    Nikki Maxwell has been doing everything she can to keep kids at school from knowing the truth about why she is at school-she's on a scholarship in exchange for her dad being the school's exterminator. Nikki is trying to avoid from having her friends, her not-so-friends, and her crush, Brendan fro...


By Holly Goldberg Sloan
6 ratings7 reviews
  • snicker9
    Julia Marks doesn’t have what you would call any type of musical talent. So she doesn’t understand why her mother is making her audition for the Wizard of Oz. She is even less thrilled when she finds out both she and her little brother Randy got roles as Munchkins in the play. Now the thing she d...

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