From the moment Fred (never Winifred!) spots a scruffy little mutt with sad eyes, she knows she's in big trouble. Toby's in bad shape, and Fred longs to rescue him from the old man with the mile-long mean streak who lives next door. But Margery -- the straight-talking woman who is fostering Fred -- says going over to their house is against the rules.

And since Fred will only be around until her mother comes to grips with her dependence, Fred can't let herself care too deeply. Not about Toby or Margery or Delia, a new classmate whose insistent friendship surprises Fred at every turn. Because the more Fred lets this lovable band of misfits into her heart, the harder it'll be to leave them all behind.

In this story of loss and love, acclaimed author Cecilia Galante examines life's difficult choices and how a girl plus the dog she loves can add up to finding family in the most unlikely places.
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published on June 26, 2018 by Scholastic Press
ISBN-10: 1338043005
ISBN-13: 9781338043006
10 Book Reviews
  • victoriakiserdains
    victoriakiserdains9 months55 stars
    this book so far is super good it is about a dog who is abused and their is a girl in foster care who went to check on the dog and somone yeld at her to beat it scram
    • chocolate09
      chocolate09almost 3 years55 stars
      It was a really good book. It's exciting, funny, sad, and heartwarming.
      • bt21isawsome
        bt21isawsomealmost 3 years55 stars
        This was a good book. It was very touching and I could really connect with the character Winnifred. I give this book five stars because it has very relatable moments for me and I love dogs.
        • koalalover4789
          koalalover4789about 3 years55 stars
          • thesunisastar1
            thesunisastar1about 3 years55 stars
            the book is amazing
            • horse_lover_400
              horse_lover_400over 3 years
              I thought this book sounded interesting and a good read but when you start it it really touches the realationship between human species and dogs and the good they bring in your life. I would suggest this book to literally anyone including adults , I give it a big thumbs up.
              • mrskristy50
                mrskristy50over 3 years55 stars
                Awesome book so cool
                • Emmaalmost 4 years
                  strays like us is a very heart warming book. This is a great book for anyone in foster families. If you love dogs, and you have a foster home , this is a book for you.
                  • Lilyalmost 4 years
                    Strays like Us is a fun, touching, story about a girl and a dog. Fred, never Winifred, has gone to live with Margery, her guardian while her mom is in jail. Margery says to stay away from the dog next door but when Fred hears the dogs pitiful whining how can she possibly stay away? Cecilia Galante is a great author and I think that girls ages 8 through 12 would enjoy this book a lot. Strays like Us has a 3-5 grade reading level and was published in 2018. I hope that you give this book a try.
                    • oscarandme
                      oscarandmeabout 4 years11 star
                      Its a very touching story. I recommend this book to people who love to help out dogs and love love them. I love this book, its my favorite.