Miles Morales is hitting the big time! Not only is he joining the Marvel Universe, but he's also a card-carrying Avenger, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America! But how have Miles' first eight months been, coming to grips with an All-new, All-Different new York? One thing is the same--nonstop action! Like when Earth's Mightiest Heroes all fall, and Miles stands alone against a villain with the power to destroy the universe. Or when the Black Cat tries to get her claws in this new Spider-Man. Then there's Miles' toughest foe yet--his grandmother! But his grades might be his biggest challenge...maybe a study session (date?) with fellow Avenger Ms. Marvel might help? Not likely! Don't miss the start of Miles Morales' adventures in the Marvel Universe!

COLLECTING: Spider-Man 1-5
Paperback, 112 pages
Published on September 20, 2016 by Marvel
ISBN-10: 0785199616
ISBN-13: 9780785199618
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  • monsterbeast
    monsterbeastover 2 years55 stars
    DEAR:MRS MORRIS I read this book because it was about Spider-Man and some other one's. This book was fun. But don 't get but by a spider it will sting and bleed if you pick at it sincerely