On the night of DWMA's anniversary celebration, every meister and weapon in Death City has gathered at the school for an evening of music and dancing. Little do they know that the witch Medusa is about the crash Shinigami-sama's party. Trapping the meisters inside, the witch makes her way to the chamber where the First Kishin is imprisoned. Will the few meisters who've managed to escape be enough to prevent Medusa from rousing the madness that slumbers far below in the Kishin's domain?
Paperback, 192 pages
Published on February 22, 2011 by Yen Press
ISBN-10: 0316071072
ISBN-13: 9780316071079
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  • t1nyt1nt0y
    t1nyt1nt0ySaturday, February 15, 2014 at 1:33 pm55 stars
    Soul eater is one of the best anime/manga and you don't have to be that into anime or manga to love it. it is simply amazing with awesome characters such as Stein, Death the Kid, and Crona.