Slumber Party Sparkles (JoJo and BowBow #4)

It’s Miley’s birthday, and she’s having a sparkle-themed party! It will be held at an indoor ice-skating rink, and she got custom sparkle skates from her grandma as an early birthday gift. She and her friends will skate all day! JoJo has spent weeks making the perfect glittery decorations for the rink. But when Miley breaks her ankle the week before her party, her mom has to cancel the big bash. Never fear—JoJo, Jacob, Kyra, and Grace to the rescue! The friends plot the perfect plan for bringing the fun to Miley: a sparkly slumber party! Blanket forts + tons of popcorn + movie marathon + giggles all night = Miley’s best birthday ever.
Paperback, 120 pages
Published on October 15, 2019 by Harry N. Abrams
ISBN-10: 1419743287
ISBN-13: 9781419743283
4 Book Reviews
  • Baran almost 2 years
    I love this book it was good
    • fosterkeefe14
      fosterkeefe14almost 2 years55 stars
      I love JoJo Siwa! Who else admires her?
      • blossomreader
        blossomreaderalmost 2 years55 stars
        This book is amazing! I love JoJo Siwa! She is such an amazing idol. People think she's mean and sassy, but if you watch her channel, you'll see that she really isn't. She's nice both inside and outside. And if you don't like her, don't bother trying to be mean to her, because she is smarter and just lets it roll off her back! Like this post if you admire JoJo Siwa like me!
        • blossomreader
          blossomreaderalmost 2 years55 stars
          Miley's party is sure to be a blast! After all, her party is at a skating rink! Her fiends JoJo and the rest of the gang are helping to decorate, but when Miley breaks her ankle, the party is canceled. Trying to be a good friend and cheer her up, JoJo and her fiends create an all new birthday party for Miley: A slumber party! I loved this book, and I hope you guys love this book as much as I did!