Simplify Your Life is a refreshing, much needed antidote to the disorder and frenzy that so many of us face in our daily lives. In this funny, insightful, and practical program, Elaine St. James shows you how to bring more happiness into your life by taking things you don't want out of it -- step by simple step -- so you can concentrate more of your energy and attention on the things that really do matter to you.

Simplify Your Life contains dozens of suggestions and tips that will help you begin the process of creating a more balanced, peaceful life that is free of chaos and clutter.

  • Identify and eliminate major sources of complication in your life
  • Painlessly, guiltlessly rid your home of space-consuming clutter
  • Make wiser choices about how, when, and where you spend your time and money

    Get rid of confusion and clutter, and live a more fulfilled, simpler, less complicated life.

  • Hardcover
    Published on July 1, 1998 by Hyperion
    ISBN-10: 0786864885
    ISBN-13: 9780786864881
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