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Grades 5 - 8Grade 5n/an/an/a

Everybody at Seiyo Elementary thinks that stylish and super cool Amu has it all: But nobody knows the real Amu, a shy girl who wishes she had the courage to truly be herself. Changing Amu’s life is going to take more than wishes and dreams–it’s going to take a little magic! One morning, Amu finds a surprise in her bed: three strange little eggs. Each egg contains a Guardian Character, an angel-like being who can give her the power to be someone new. With the help of her Guardian Characters, Amu is about to discover that her true self is even more amazing than she ever dreamed.
Paperback, 208 pages
Published on March 27, 2007 by Del Rey
ISBN-10: 0345497457
ISBN-13: 9780345497451
17 Book Reviews
  • underswapfisk
    underswapfiskabout 5 years55 stars
    I LOVE IT :3
    • 25scherm
      25schermabout 6 years
      Love it!
      • swirlycool
        swirlycoolover 7 years44 stars
        Amu is a shy girl who is usually not honest she wishes to be an honest girl and less shy so one day when she woke up to find 3 eggs on her dresser she freaked out and took them to school so while "The Guardians" which had guardian characters (amu's eggs are also known as guardian characters or shugo charas)are having a speech until Amu had a character transformation...from a girl who's not honest to a girl who's honest so she yelled in front of everybody and the guardians that she had a crush on Tadase (Tadase is a guy from the guardians) and then she realized that she said that out loud she ran outside wishing to fall inside a hole and fell in a hole, until one of the guardian characters hatched she is called "Ran" and gave Amu powers to at least get out of the hole "Hop Step Jump" and Amu flew out of the hole and landed on top of a building and saw a guy with a shugo chara too who had ears and a tail like a cat called " Ikuto " tried to steal the other 2 eggs but luckily, Amu ran up to him and got the eggs but fell so Ran said to believe in herself and Ikuto's Shugo Chara called " Yoru" dropped a lock called the Humpty Lock and then Amu caught it and Amu transformed with Ran into "Amulet Heart" floating in the air. Then she realized that she was flying in the air, she freaked out and the transformation came undone but then Tadase came running and caught her with Holy Crown and left because his members needed him.
        • cat13121
          cat13121over 7 years
          love it
          • warriorlover123
            warriorlover123almost 8 years
            this was one of my favorite manga books!!!
            • Levi116952over 8 years
              There is another shugo chara! Series it's called shugo chara! On core
              • ebun
                ebunalmost 9 years55 stars
                i really think this is intresting
                • ebun
                  ebunalmost 9 years55 stars
                  i meant THIS
                  • ebun
                    ebunalmost 9 years55 stars
                    thius anime series seems intresting
                    • tima
                      timaover 9 years
                      All anime or manga is epic to me!