Outbreak (The 39 Clues: Super Special, Book 1)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grade 6n/a5.856030
CALLING ALL CAHILLS! Announcing a 39 Clues Superspecial adventure -- the gang is back, and called to investigate one of their own: Sinead Starling.

Hardcover, 272 pages
Published on September 27, 2016 by Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-10: 1338037056
ISBN-13: 9781338037050
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  • coolkid38almost 5 years
    you ready
    • coolkid38almost 5 years
      this book is called goosebumps spell of the screaming jokers chapter one
      • jeffdaboss
        jeffdabossalmost 5 yearsFeatured
        There is a new book from one of the best series you can possibly find! The Cahills have prevented a criminal mastermind from creating FOUR different world disasters, prevented a presidential candidate with a criminal mindset from winning the throne to the world, prevented a criminal organization from destroying the world with a doomsday device, and they are all teenagers. With barely any help from adults, they managed to rescue the world from insane people who reek of greed. This time, they aren't the ones hunted, they are the ones hunting. Sinead Starling (a distant cousin of theirs) has stolen a top secret mutated goat pox that only affects humans. The CIA brings this to the Cahill's attention. They request for them to retrieve the goat pox before word gets out that a teenager has stolen a top secret dancing virus and the US government has asked teenagers to retrieve it. From England to Cuba to the Bermuda Triangle, you find yourself lost in a mystery that isn't all that it seems. This book, and especially this series, is something you absolutely have to buy. The Cahills are worth it. 5 stars from me.
        • llpanda
          llpandaalmost 5 years33 stars
          In this thrilling book by C. Alexander London the Cahill family is back and ready to save the world again. When a deadly virus is stolen by their cousin Sinead Starling from a government lab the Cahills are recruited to bring it back before it is released. Will they be able to save the world again? I really like this book and recommend it to people who like adventure books.
          • snicker9
            snicker9almost 5 yearsFeatured
            This new installment in the Cahill family secrets certainly lives up to its predecessors. Dan and Amy Cahill are having fun living with their cousins and pulling off secret operations, and taking turns being the leader of the group. Then one day the CIA knocks on their door-they have a new mission. The government had been working on a top-secret disease that could knock out millions. But it was stolen by one of their own, the traitor Sinead Starling. So Dan, Amy and the other Cahills set off on an adventure to retrieve the poison and try to find out what Sinead Starling is about to. But finding out the truth might be harder than they thought, and there are others out there against the Cahills. Will the Cahills be able to stop the outbreak of a disease so powerful that it could wipe out the world? And find the truth about their rogue cousin? One part I liked international places in this book-specifically Cuba, which Sinead is targeting. The government plays a big part, and the tense relationship between the US and Cuba as well. It just made everything a little bit more interesting and tricky. Like other books in the 39 Clues, Super-special Outbreak is hair-raising, with with twists around every corner. I couldn't put it down! I hope there are more coming! I recommend this book(and this series), to anybody 4th grade and up. I believe for most younger than that the book would be too violent. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.
            • penguin313
              penguin313almost 5 years55 stars
              The 39 clues series continues with yet another book. The Cahills find themselves hired by the CIA to retain a stolen disease they created. The thief: one of their own, Sinead Starling. The Cahills travel to Cuba where the disease has started and must find a cure before someone dies, with some of them getting infected. The disease itself is strange, causing a victim to dance until they run out of energy and die. Will Amy and Dan be able to create a cure before the people they love die? Read this book to find out.
              • annette
                annettealmost 5 years