Shazam! is coming to theaters in Spring 2019 from Warner Bros. Pictures, starring Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Jack Dylan Grazer, and more.

Shazam: The Junior Novel is based on the upcoming New Line Cinema major motion picture. This paperback contains exclusive scenes and an eight-page, full-color insert.

We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out…

By shouting just one word—SHAZAM!—Billy Batson, the street-wise fourteen-year-old foster kid from Philadelphia, can magically transform into the adult super hero Shazam, courtesy of an ancient wizard.

Will Billy and his new foster brother, Freddy, learn to harness Billy’s newfound superpowers like flight and bullet immunity in time to fight the dangerous forces of evil controlled by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana?

Paperback, 160 pages
Published on February 26, 2019 by HarperCollins
ISBN-10: 0062884174
ISBN-13: 9780062884176
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  • audrey_1234
    audrey_1234about 1 month33 stars
    The movie is called SHAZAM its about villains like harly quinn
    • nitria
      nitriaabout 1 month55 stars
      It's basically about the "SHAZAM!" movie!
      • nitria
        nitriaabout 2 months55 stars
        Same! Asher Angel is a talented actor. My favorite superheroes are: SHAZAM and Wonder Woman. My favorite (super) villains are: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.
        • nitria
          nitriaabout 2 months55 stars
          This is the best DC Comics movie yet! It's about an orphan boy named Billy Batson who lives in Pennsylvania who keeps running away from foster homes because he believes his mother is still alive until he is at a point where he is with a foster family. His foster parents introduce themselves and his new family. But after a day in school, he runs away again (after standing up to the bullies who bullied Freddy and his foster family). He gets on a subway train with people and the next thing he knows, they all vanished, the train goes fast and everything on the outside freezes until...he's in an ancient temple with an old wizard. The wizard said Billy Batson was 'Pure of Heart' (meaning he was loyal, trustworthy and protective). The wizard tells Billy to say his name, "SHAZAM". He says it and the next thing he knows, he's back in the subway again but with people staring at his outfit. He comes back home to Freddy to get some help (because Freddy was a hero fan nerd) and soon Freddy believes that the man was actually Billy Batson. Freddy and Billy go to a store and a few minutes later, there were robbers. Billy goes to talk to them, and one of the men shoot him...but he (and the robbers) noticed that he was bullet proof (both skin and outfit). But while the boys were messing around, there was a villain who wanted the 'Champion's' (Billy Batson's) powers (since he was chosen for pure of heart). When they come home, Billy tries to be quite (but he couldn't) so his little foster sister knew the hero (SHAZAM) and Billy explained everything until he said "SHAZAM", he turns back to a kid. A couple of days later, Freddy and Billy are playing around with Billy's powers, destroying homework/books and drinking tons of soda. Then after a few more days (in school), Freddy wants Billy to come to lunch as the superhero so he doesn't get beaten up. Billy turns into the hero but only to get money from other people with music just by shooting lightning from his hands and while he does that (after talking to Freddy about how he couldn't be there with him at lunch), he (accidentally) struck one of the buses wheels and that bus was now hanging from a bridge. Billy saves the bus (and the people in it) but Freddy and Billy have an argument. By the time Billy returns home, his foster parents were furious at him for ditching school and going someplace else. Soon, his foster siblings noticed that he was the hero (SHAZAM). His foster siblings also told him that his mother was alive and was living in an apartment. His foster parents drove off and went after Billy. By the time Billy got there, he was talking to his mother and Billy gave his mother the same compass he got as a little kid by winning a game. Billy and the bad guy, Doctor Sivana, were fighting in the air and then in a mall (and SHAZAM was almost losing) until he said the word "SHAZAM!", Doctor Sivana was confused where the hero went until he looked at the news seeing the same boy (Freddy) who talked to the hero. After Billy finished his talk with his mother, he got a phone call (and he thought it was his foster family) but he heard screams from his family sibling about how they were captured by Doctor Sivana. When SHAZAM got there, Doctor Sivana told him to give up his powers with the staff (the wizard gave him his powers) but SHAZAM declined. Sivana took his foster siblings to the park where he unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins (because in the beginning of the movie, as a child, he had the same experience with the wizard but instead of getting the powers like the wizard, he saw the Seven Deadly Sins and they told him to be THEIR champion but if he fell for them TOO EASILY, then he was not pure of heart). So SHAZAM and his foster siblings got the staff and all of them (except for Billy) said "SHAZAM!" and there were now five more SHAZAM's. Later, SHAZAM fought against Doctor Sivana and in the end, Sivana lost and everything went back normal.
          • jaden07
            jaden07over 1 year55 stars
            This is based on the of the best DC movies ever to exist! SHAZAM!!! One of my favorite actors is in this move. Asher Angel. Share what your favorite DC heroes are below. Mine are Shazam and Aquaman. I an't wait for Shazam 2. There is so much left to be told.
            • minnemousefan12
              minnemousefan12about 1 month
              Marvel rules! DC is about a 1,000,000,000,000,000 times worse. Sorry if this offends you
              • nitria
                nitriaabout 1 month55 stars
                It doesn't offend me. It's true, DC Comics is more for 13+ and Marvel is for ALL ages b/c it's more kid friendly, less blood and all that bad word stuff.