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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 8X4.975528

This classic about a 10-year-old boy growing up in the Ozark mountains with his inseparable pair of coonhounds will warm the hearts of young and old alike.

Hardcover, 376 pages
Published on March 8, 2017 by Thorndike Press Large Print
ISBN-10: 1432838458
ISBN-13: 9781432838454
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  • H_M_Pover 1 year
    I cant wait to start reading it looks great!!!!
    • 96
      96over 1 year33 stars
      This book is really fun to read! Just wish the plot would make more sense through out the story
      • mercorn
        mercornover 1 year55 stars
        Where the red fern grows is a sad but good story it is about a boy and his dogs and all the fun times they had it is not a real story from life but i love it!!!
        • bookfan2008
          bookfan2008over 1 year
          Sad, but good, So emotional!
          • riley_108
            riley_108almost 2 years44 stars
            I gave this book a 4 star rating because it was a really good book I think it was a little emotional more twords the end of the book. You will have to read about it to find out why it it emotional. Its about a boy who had dreams about buying 2 puppies but his mom said that he had to save his own money so he could have enough money to buy them. He had to save up for 2 years! And when he gets the money he buys the dogs but something happens to one of the dogs! Read more about this book to find out what happens and why this book is emotional.
            • eligra1920
              eligra1920almost 2 years44 stars
              Great review! Thank you for not adding spoilers, I think you can talk a little more about the dogs since the book revolves around them, bot other than that, amazing review!
            • becca7500
              becca7500about 2 years44 stars
              it is sad but really good with a good theme.
              • starkk_22
                starkk_22about 2 years55 stars
                This story is about a boys with a dream. His dream is to have two hunting hounds. This book is in my head a classic. I highly suggest it (a little warning though you will cry). I thought it was the best book I'll probably read. I suggest it only to 5th and up because some of the words are hard to understand.
                • eligra1920
                  eligra1920almost 2 years44 stars
                  Definitely, that's a very well written review. How long do you think this book should remain a classic before it becomes too outdated to the point where younger generations can't understand the story?
                • Sandya Mageshabout 2 years
                  Really good book!
                  • chlooe
                    chlooealmost 3 years55 stars
                    This book was really sad... This book was really emotional because it was about an everlasting friendship with a dog and two dogs. I cried: Rawls truly knows how to make a great book from time to time.
                    • chlooe
                      chlooealmost 3 years55 stars
                      Where the Red Fern Grows is about a boy who's always wanted to get two hounds. His family was poor and couldn't afford to buy a hound. When Daniel (The boy) comes across a newspaper saying you could buy a dog for $25. Daniel then goes to his grandfather's store and asks if his grandfather could help him get those dogs. It took Daniel 2 years two earn enough money for the hounds. When he received the dogs, he was overjoyed. Daniel started training his dogs into hunting coons, which were the animals that were a lot of money if you shed their hide. After training, Daniel's grandfather showed him a flyer saying that there was a coon hunt. Daniel knew that his two dogs, Old Dan, and Little Ann could win because the boy and the dogs created a bond together, which they could never leave each other. When they reached the campsite, they were to raffle a day they were going to hunt. On the day of their hunt, a huge blizzard occurred. Unfourtanetley, Daniel lost his dogs, but still could hear them. Daniel's grandfather sprained his foot and most of the people had to go back to help the grandfather. Daniel heard a bark and heard his dogs. They came to him and they helped slay the coons that Old Dan and Little Ann found. After the coon hides were pronounced in the contest, they won! When they reached home, they came upon a mountain lion and Old Dan was badly hurt. The mountain lion was slain, but Old Dan had open scars and he couldn't survive any longer. Daniel wept and didn't want Old Dan to die, but Old Dan's time had come. After Old Dan passed away, Little Ann couldn't live her life without Old Dan. Little Ann passed away from depression. Since then, Daniel has lived his life loving hounds forever and treats them with respect.
                      • eagle_fan11
                        eagle_fan113 months55 stars
                        His names Billy!!!!
                        • roxanne3
                          roxanne3almost 2 years55 stars
                          I really enjoyed reading this book review but I am wondering if we read different versions because when I read this book, the boys name was Billy.