Dork Diaries 11: Tales from a Not-So-Friendly Frenemy

Book 11 of 13 in the Dork Diaries Books Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.9n/a

Nikki Maxwell, Queen of the Dorks, is back in the eleventh instalment of the bestselling series! Nikki is spending a week at North Hampton Hills as part of the school transfer programme. The good news is that NHH is super-cool and preppy. The bad news is that Nikki's nemesis MacKenzie started there two weeks ago! But, faced with NHH queen bee Tiffany, who takes meanness to a whole new level, Nikki might need to work WITH Mackenzie if she's going to survive the week! Can Nikki and MacKenzie overcome their differences and become BFFS ...Best Frenemies Forever?!

Hardcover, 288 pages
Published on November 15, 2016 by Aladdin
ISBN-10: 1481479202
ISBN-13: 9781481479202
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  • waterdroplet
    waterdroplet2 months55 stars
    This is a great book! I love how Nikki has to work with her enemy and tried to make her week much more bearable. I also appreciate how she pushes through and actually sorta has fun! I really enjoyed this book.
    • starlite_safire
      starlite_safire2 months55 stars
      Great so far...
      • kittylover111
        kittylover1114 months55 stars
        Nikki had her life under control, until she found out she's going to North Hampton Hills, NHH, and that is Mackenzie Hollister, aka a killer shark in sparkly lip gloss's school! Worst of all, Chloe and Zoey, her BFFs, and her crush, Brandon, are going to South Ridge Middle School! She's so unhappy! And even worse, when her student tour guide is Tiffany Blaine Davenport! Or, a social media chic that takes selfies of herself every 5 minutes. And she's being pretty annoying says Nikki. And than, one day, Tiffany's texting while walking, and bumps into a NHH kid. She and her BFFs, Ava and Hayley laugh. But Nikki's the opposite, and stands up to Tiffany, which causes major shouts about Nikki cheating in several events, which BTW, were lies from someone. In the end, Tiffany and her BFFs, or should I say followers, un-friend Nikki, and go on with their popular girl lives. And than, Nikki finds Mackenzie, pointing a manicured-sharp finger at her, demanding why she's here at her posh, new, school! Nikki's fed up because Mackenzie's been starting these lies about her cheating, and stole her life, saying she helped save Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue Shelter, and that Nikki Maxwell, tried to destroy it, (Which was a complete lie.) So Nikki and Mackenzie go on Major blow up fight! Worst of all, Tiffany's filming them with her cell phone! Find out what happens next, in dork diaries #11!
        • bigbookworm
          bigbookworm4 months55 stars
          I love the Dork Diaries series. 5 stars! Nikki has Student Exchange week at her school, and she is DYING to know what school she will go to! Finally, when she and her friends (and her crush Brandon!) see what school they got, they see that they are going to South Ridge Middle School! But... Nikki isn't going there! She's going to NORTH HAMPTON HILLS!!! That's not all! Mackenzie attends that school!!! NOOOOOO! When Nikki gets there she is greeted with a hug from her student ambassador... Tiffany! Tiffany seems nice at first, but then turns out she is really snobby and mean! After a day or two, Nikki meets Patrick, a member of the Science Club! She decides to help him save the club from being taken over by Tiffany's Selfie Club. The next day, Tiffany falls into a waterfall, and so does her most presious thing in the world: her phone! In that moment, Mackenzie and Nikki beome FRENEMIES!!With new friends, lots of drama, and starting to see things differently, Nikki can still keep one thing the same... her dorkiness! To fing out more, read the book!
          • alex_garcia
            alex_garcia4 months55 stars
            This book is for tween girls who love a good gossip diary. It has such a funny plot and the characters are really interesting! Nikki, who is the main character takes an exciting and dramatic adventure and it's very thrilling to read!
            • aupie
              aupie8 months55 stars
              Nikki Maxwell is returning back to school to find out that do School exchange week she's going to North Hampton Hills the school where her enemy learns from and Brandon , Chloe , and Zoey are going to South Ridge middle school where Brandon's friend Max Crumbly studies from Even Brandon wanted Nikki to take his place while he goes to North Hampton Hills but Nikki couldn't let that happen because MacKenzie had a huge crush on Brandon . Soon she was going to throw herself a pity party when she discovered how chic the uniforms are and that North Hampton Hills is sponsoring the trip to France and that she had to win the French teachers heart . It was finally time for them to leave when she arrived she found a girl holding up a sign saying "Welcome Nikki" then the lady came and hugged her then the girl spoke "My name is Tiffany and I'll be your student ambassador" ❌🚫❌🚫❌🛑 You all gotta read the book for your selves enjoy 🚫❌
              • gemluvssoccer37
                gemluvssoccer379 months55 stars
                So FUNNY!🤣
                • Heatsyd 9 months
                  omg so not cool
                  • griffindor_girl
                    griffindor_girl10 months55 stars
                    I haven't read it yet but it sounds very good!
                    • eeveelutiongurl
                      eeveelutiongurl10 months55 stars
                      I honestly love all of the DD books!