Soccer Trophy Mystery (Fred Bowen Sports Story Series, 24)

Fred Bowen is back with more soccer action--and a mystery--in his newest Sports Story, perfect for fans of Mike Lupica and Tim Green.

While soccer-playing twins Aiden and Ava lead their teams to a championship season, they try to solve the mystery of their town’s missing soccer trophy.

Thirteen-year-old twins Aiden and Ava and their good friend Daniel, all avid soccer players, have just learned their county league soccer trophy mysteriously disappeared forty years ago from the town library. It was never recovered. So between games and practices for the town’s soccer championships, the three friends try to solve the case.

But will these amateur detectives be able to unravel the mystery and find someone who had both motive and opportunity to commit the crime? Will their teams make it all the way to the championships?

Award-winning author and Washington Post KidsPost sports columnist Fred Bowen returns with another installment in his Sports Story Series, this time tackling important topics like equal recognition for women in sports. At the end of the book, Bowen includes "The Real Story" behind the disappearance of the original World Cup trophy.

Hardcover, 144 pages
Published on September 1, 2021 by Peachtree Publishing Company
ISBN-10: 1682630781
ISBN-13: 9781682630785
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  • callie_b
    callie_b3 months55 starsFeatured
    Have you ever tried to find a stolen trophy while trying to win a place on one? Twins Aiden and Ava and their friend Daniel all love to play soccer and they also love mysteries and adventures. As they all compete for the top spot in their soccer leagues to win the coveted spot on the trophy in the library, the friends also try to solve an old town mystery in which the original soccer trophy was stolen from the library 40 years ago. The friends wonder if it's even worth digging up this old mystery, but are intrigued to find out why anyone would want to steal a kids soccer trophy! Tensions rise with the case as they talk to old coaches and town figures who seem suspiciously unhappy with the kids looking for the trophy. Pressure also intensifies on the soccer field as the game that will decide who is at the top of the league is coming up! With an unexpected twist at the end of the story, the friends will have to go above and beyond on the field and with the mystery to uncover the truth of the missing soccer trophy. I really enjoyed reading this book because as a soccer player myself, the action-packed soccer game scenes in the book were super entertaining and I could picture it just as if I was playing soccer with them! I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys soccer and a good mystery!
    • unicornbrain
      unicornbrain3 months55 starsFeatured
      What do the World Cup Trophy and the Winchester U-14 Championship Soccer League Trophy have in common? These trophies are both replicas! The original trophies were stolen and later replaced. Whatever happened to the original World Cup Trophy? What happened to the Winchester’s Soccer Trophy? Well with a little bit of history and some good sleuth work, three thirteen-year-old awesome soccer players use their wit and connections to the community librarians, former police chief, and former soccer coaches to unravel the mystery. Twins, Ava and Aiden, along with their friend Daniel all play on the U-14 girls or boys soccer team. They have to balance their desire to solve the mystery surrounding the 40 year old missing trophy, their practices and games during the championship along with their schoolwork. With each game win, the trio is fueled even more to figure out if the trophy thief was a friend or foe or a face in the cheering crowd or even a family member? Will the roadblocks of uncooperating coaches and wavering memories fold the three? Well, you will need to read Fred Bowen’s newest book Soccer Trophy Mystery to find out. Filled with tons of soccer jargon and exciting game moments, I recommend this book if you enjoy soccer and mystery. The book is for 7 and up, but will be a quick read for 10-year-old and up. I enjoyed how the book introduces one piece of information at a time so that the reader can formulate her or his opinion.
      • kruzingwithk9s
        kruzingwithk9s3 months55 starsFeatured
        If you go to school in a public school, they may have a trophy case. This case will likely have trophies from soccer games, football, maybe a few others. But what if someone stole one of the trophies? Teenagers Ava, Daniel, and Aiden have just recently found out that a school soccer trophy went missing from the trophy case in the library 40 years ago. It stumped the police force and even detectives! 40 years later, it still hasn’t been found and the case was put aside. Curious (and trying to escape reading a boring book for English class) the three teenagers head out and start asking questions. Will they find out who stole the trophy? While I’m not too into sports, I do love mysteries and this one did not disappoint! I’d recommend this to someone who loves mysteries.
        • zoeyyang
          zoeyyang4 months55 stars
          • sylvie55555
            sylvie555554 months44 stars
            I really liked this book! I recommend it to people who like fun mysteries!
            • belle252
              belle2524 months44 stars
              40 years ago, a soccer trophy mysteriously disappeared from existence, a crime that baffled even the top detectives and the police force of Winchester. Now, three amateur detectives have arisen, and they might be closer to solving the mystery than anyone else. Aiden, Daniel, and Ava love soccer. It’s basically their life, so when they figure out that a soccer trophy vanished about 40 years ago, they latch onto the mystery, but there are many obstacles they have to face. For one, the case occurred 40 years ago, which means that there are not that many witnesses they can ask. The second is that there’s practically no reason why anyone would have the motive to steal a kid’s soccer trophy. Along with the trophy case they also have to maintain their own lives, they have school books to read and their respective soccer teams to play for. But sometimes, it's not easy to balance justice with impulse. Will the town get their kid’s soccer trophy back, or will this case stay as an old town mystery? Overall, I found “Soccer Trophy Mystery” a compelling book with a great plot and an interesting turn of events.