Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House)

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House)

By Mary Pope Osborne

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Book 1 of 49 in the  Magic Tree House Series
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Grades 1 - 3 Grades 1 - 3 M 2.6 4737

We are celebrating by bringing full color to the Cretaceous period—full-color art that is! This jacketed hardcover edition boasts new artwork, plus extras, like an interview between the creators, a letter from Mary Pope Osborne, and up-to-date dinosaur info! Join Jack and Annie as they travel back to the time of dinosaurs where they encounter all sorts of dinos from the terrifying T-Rex to the crowd-pleasing Triceratops—and start on a life-time of adventures with new readers.

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780375869884
ISBN-10: 0375869883
Published on 9/25/2012
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 96

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It is a awesome book where jack and Annie go back to the time of dinosaurs!!!

Ellie Ellie

It was a very fun adventure with dinosaurs and Jack and Annie!!I want to read it again.

This is one of my favorite Magic Tree House books. Jack and Annie get to go on a great adventure to the time of dinosaurs!

This book was great! I love the Magic Tree House series, and I finally read the first one! I loved how Jack and Annie went back to the Cretaceous Period and made friends with a Pteranodon! I enjoyed the entire story, and can’t wait to keep reading more!

This book was great. I love all the fun adventures Jack and Annie have together and each place they travel, they get to have different clothes

In this book jack and annie travel to their magic tree house and they land on the dinosaur centuries they meet a lot of friendly ones that even help them but they met the worst one the one that tried to eat them up but with the pterodactyls they finally get home I recommend this book Its one of my favorite books

This is the book that got me into reading! Jack and Annie have discovered a tree house filled with books. When they open a book, it takes them to a prehistoric time when dinosaurs roamed Earth. Overall, I enjoyed this book and recommend it to people who are interested in dinosaurs. I rate this book 5/5.

This is one of my favorite Magic Tree House books! I love dinosaurs and Henry is my favorite. I am so glad that Jack and Annie got to travel back in time and meet the dinosaurs.

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