The mermaid met the Witch's eyes – they had turned from a deep shade of amethyst to bloodthirsty scarlet. She couldn’t look away from them. Fighting the urge to do just that, she asked, ‘Payment?’
The Witch’s smile broadened. ‘Now now, young one. Nothing in this world is free. You want a chance at your immortal soul? At true love? You must first give something in return.’

Mermaid princess Sirenia has waited her whole life for one special day to come. Her 17th birthday. On this most eagerly anticipated occasion, mermaids of age are allowed to satisfy their curiosity of Humanland for the first time. When each rises to the surface, they always return gratified by their journey, but ultimately agree it is better to be home under the sea.

Not Sirenia.

When she rises to the surface on the day she comes of age, the youngest daughter of the Sea King realises what she’s been missing her whole life. And she’s not ready to let it go. So she goes to see the one creature in the seven seas that might be able to help her – but it will cost her everything she has. Her family. Her home. Even her voice.

A tale of magic, sacrifice and true love, Serenade is a twist in the classic tale based on Hans Christian Andersen’s celebrated fairy tale The Little Mermaid.
Kindle Edition, 252 pages
Published on July 20, 2014
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