Seekers #5: Fire in the Sky

Book 5 of 8 in the Seekers Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5n/a5.061226

The spirits dance like fire in the sky. . . .

The three cubs—Kallik, Toklo, and Lusa—along with their shape-shifting companion, Ujurak, stand on the edge of the sea-ice under the blazing Northern Lights. The land has come to an end, but the bears' journey is far from over. Now they must put their trust in Kallik's paws, as she feels the ice pulling her out toward the ocean.

Life on the ice is more difficult than the bears imagined. While Kallik struggles to remember her polar bear roots, Toklo bristles in the unfamiliar territory and Lusa gets weaker by the day; black and brown bears don't belong on the ice. Meanwhile, Ujurak learns firsthand what lurks beneath the whorls and bubbles of the ice, and what he discovers will change everything.

Just when it seems like they'll never survive in the frozen wilderness, a mystical encounter with a bear spirit assures them that all will be well. But this strange vision leads to even more questions, and ultimately it might tear the bears apart—this time for good—as the next steps of their journey come into focus.

Hardcover, 272 pages
Published on May 11, 2010 by HarperCollins
3 Book Reviews
  • weirdisgood2023
    weirdisgood2023over 2 years44 stars
    Sensational! Heartwarming, well written, and a great book. You will fall immediately fall in love with Seekers, right after opening the cover! Life for Lusa, Toklo, Kallik, and Ujurak has always been difficult...but it gets even harder now. As they travel through the treacherous polar wastelands, survival is key. Avalanches, snowdrifts, icy cliffs of danger—the bears must be prepared for all of it. They have survived many close encounters with death before. But this is unlike anything they have ever seen...and the four friends must be ready for what lies ahead. Meanwhile, Ujurak is troubled. He is a shape-shifter with the ability to become any creature he wants, and this will help the bears on their journey—but four cubs—even Kallik, who is a polar bear—are no match for the ice and snow of the arctic climate. On one paw, they may not make it to their final destination, so why not stop traveling? But on another paw, the ice isn’t a good place for Lusa and Toklo, who aren’t polar bears. On the third, they might find some bears who will help them. And on the fourth paw...they might survive. They might make it to the place where bear spirits dance in the stars, watching over their kin. When a spirit visits the cubs and gives them a mysterious message, Kallik, Ujurak, Lusa, and Toklo know they’re on the right track. But can they really complete the journey—before time runs out? Read this book to find out!
    • londyncool
      londyncoolalmost 9 years55 stars
      I love how Erin Hunter makes it like the bears talk to each other. I love the seires. Best books ever!!!!
      • cvv
        cvvover 10 years55 stars
        Super duper book!