Scott Westerfeld: Leviathan Trilogy: Leviathan; Behemoth; Goliath (The Leviathan Trilogy)

All three books in Scott Westerfeld's around-the-world, steampunk, adventure trilogy, now collected together in one ebook bundle!
Kindle Edition, 1038 pages
Published on October 4, 2011 by Simon Pulse
4 Book Reviews
  • braydencreekside
    braydencreeksidealmost 8 years55 stars
    awesome book!
    • braydencreekside
      braydencreeksidealmost 8 years55 stars
      I really liked this book i have read it three times now and it is soooooo good! I would give it six out of five stars!!!!!!!!!
      • trentcreekside
        trentcreeksidealmost 8 years55 stars
        This book is amazing! The story is about World War 1 and there are two sides: The Clankers and the Darwinists. The Clankers's military consists of machines, while the Darwinists's army is different animals breed to create gigantic fabricated beasts. Aleck is a ruler of Austria-Hungry but the emperor would kill him if he found out. The emperor is really old, so Aleck and a small band of men are trying to hide until the emperor dies. Deryen is a girl in disguise in the British army. She must hide her secret at all cost, or else she will get kicked out, or worse.
        • hurtubise18
          hurtubise18about 8 years55 stars
          I recently read the book Leviathan and I loved it. The book was recommended to me by my teacher and I am really glad she did. The story is a two sided story about a prince who had to run away from home and a girl disguised as a boy in order to be a soldier. They both lost their parents and have no where to turn but end up together in the midst of battle. One of my most favorite parts was when one of the characters told the main character he really could inherit the throne and could have his life back and reading how the character really feels like actually going back out and finding a meaning in life again. A connection I had with the book was when I found out one of the soldiers was a girl but had to dress up like a guy, it reminded me of the movie Mulan. I recommend the book to people who like daring adventure with plot twists and unexpected trouble. Leviathan will keep you on your toes right up until the end.