Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider)

Book 9 of 10 in the Alex Rider Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 6 - 8Grades 3 - 6n/a5.699767
Scorpia has dogged Alex Rider for most of his life. They killed his parents, they did their best to con Alex into turning traitor, and they just keep coming back with more power. Now the world's most dangerous terrorist organization is playing with fire in the world's most combustible land: the Middle East. No one knows Scorpia like Alex. And no one knows how best to get to Alex like Scorpia. Until now.

The chases have never been more intense, the fights more treacherous, or the risks so perilous to mankind. And this time, Alex won't get away.
Hardcover, 416 pages
Published on March 22, 2011 by Philomel Books
ISBN-10: 0399250573
ISBN-13: 9780399250576
18 Book Reviews
  • Mammaalmost 4 years
    I liked this book
    • Bobabout 4 years
      Although I haven't read "Never Say Die" the Alex Rider series is my favorite series because it always keeps me on the edge of my seat.
      • platolover 4 years
        There’s a new book called “never say die”it was amazing
        • langston_p
          langston_pabout 7 years55 stars
          This was the final book (not counting the prequel) of the Alex Rider series. And I thought it was really, unmeasurably awesome. I liked how the author wrote a beginning of 112 pages without 1 word in Alex's perspective and it had such an amazing plan but for such a minor thing. The main antagonist Razim was even smarter than the Winston Yu man from Snakehead and he was going to set him up. Scorpia was able to record everything that Alex did and then kill him, showing that Great Britain was using a teenage spy and how he got killed in action. This would disgrace the British government so much that nobody would want to work with them. I think that this was an amazing final and I loved how he got totally set up by Scorpia and that they were way ahead of him. It was an unpredictable book and also my favorite of all of the Alex Rider series because of it's intensity.
          • derricky21
            derricky21about 7 years44 stars
            Alex Rider, a teenage spy faced a secret organization called Scorpia. Many evil people owned the organization and Alex had to take it down. M16, a organization from England that Alex was helping gave him all sorts of things, gadgets, gears... This book was really mysterious because, you could barely tell what's gonna happen next. Alex was a really clever 14 year-old that went on many missions, his father also worked for M16 and was killed by Scorpia. I think that this book was a really fascinating story. It was about a teenage spy named Alex Rider who went on a mission to stop a secret organization called Scorpia. It was really mysterious and nerve wrecking, for example, many unexpected things happen and you can barely tell the result, you have to read it all to finish. Alex had to face a person which looked exactly like him because of plastic surgery. He was on his own facing a huge organization, many people tried to take him down, but he was clever.
            • elliotl20
              elliotl20over 7 years55 stars
              The story is about Alex Rider and his fight against Scorpia, it might be his last fight, there might be many more. My favorite character is definitely Razim, the book described him as having no emotions and I think that is really interesting, it makes you think, "How is that possible?", but the author describes it really well and gives a process for what happened. My favorite part of the book is when Smithers took off his fat suit and he was actually a really fit guy, that was really surprising. I would recommend this book to others, it is an adventure type book with lots of action and it makes your heart beat.
              • live2read
                live2readover 7 years55 stars
                This Book is amazing =in fact the whole series is! It is all about a teenage spy names Alex Rider who is always being forced into saving the world. I strongly recommend this book to all readers 10 or over who love a good action story! literally could not put this book down!
                • awesomeabout 8 years
                  • aboveben
                    abovebenabout 8 years55 stars
                    This is an amazing book scorpia have been hired to steal an item called the Elgin Marbles and return them to greece. Along the way they kidnap alex and his house keeper jack this book keeps you in suspense best one yet
                    • dulci
                      dulciover 8 years
                      BEST BOOK EVER