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    By L. M. Montgomery
    About 10 hours ago
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    Hi everyone! Random fact: Squirrels can leap 10 times their body length. They can also turn their ankles 180 degrees to face any direction while climbing trees, which I thought was pretty cool! Also, here's a random would-you-rather quiz: 1) Would you rather jump into a pit full of cotton candy, or a pit full of whipped cream? 2) Would you rather spend a day all alone or surrounded by people? 3) Would you rather be able to only read the first page of a book, or only the last page? 4) Would you rather go surfing or go skiing? 5) Would you rather have a job you hate that pays a lot of money, or a job you love that doesn't pay much money? My answers: 1) cotton candy 2) all alone (I'm an introvert) 3) only read the first page (both options are awful, though) 4) I've tried skiing (I'm terrible at it) but I've never surfed, so surfing 5) a job I like that doesn't pay much.
    About 10 hours ago
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    This is something that has needed to happen for a while now. Im so glad that the Inflation Reduction Act has been approved.
    About 13 hours ago

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