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    The Monstrumologist was an exemplary book with the perfect mix of Adventure, Horror, Science-fiction and even a touch of Historical Fiction. I was pleased with the fact that there was no Romance within this novel (a genre I despise). The suspension was exhilarating, and I kept flipping pages. The amount of detail painted a vivid picture in my mind and often made me reel in disgust or gape at the amount of dedication it must have taken to create a book with so many layers and sub-mysteries. I recommend not consuming any food or drink while reading this book, because it gets delightfully gory at some parts. Otherwise, I highly recommend that you pick up this book and start reading. It won't fail to impress! The preferred age range would be 13+ and it will appeal mostly to males (since little to no romance exists in this book). There is a touch of mature content, but nothing you can't handle. I loved this book (it is one of my favorites) and you will too. (Remember, it's part of a series!)
    Over 8 years ago
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    Looks oddly addicting and equally enjoyable. This is coming from a 8th grader. Ok...now I have a yearning to grab some sand an play with it.
    Over 8 years ago
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