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    This is my favorite book,i love animals! Even though im grade 11
    Almost 3 years ago
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    What starts out as a children's story soon spirals into an almost exact replica of the Russian Revolution, expertly told through the words of George Orwell. The novel follows the adventures of the animals on a farm, tired and resentful of the treatment they've received from humans. After a carefully-planned attack, they overthrow the humans and have the farm all to themselves, which is a joyous event--at least at first. Because every new beginning means new hardships. Are the animals really better than the humans, or do they find themselves succumbing to the same level of tyranny they once rebelled against? Once again, George Orwell brings up serious topics through entertaining, suspenseful satire. This magnificently-written novel is a must-read.
    Almost 3 years ago
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    By George Orwell
    Almost 3 years ago

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