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    I think we shouldn't attack Syria. We don't need to go to war were already 16 trillion dollars in debt and if we strike of course they're going to strike back and me as an individual don't want to be put in a place where i or anyone else could be killed because United States wanted to attack and take out Al Assad? If Obama want to go to war then he can do that by his self but if he did i wouldn't be on united states side because that's just me , I'm not with it. Obama is putting many lives in danger he's not thinking about how everyone in the United states think or feels about this and if they go to Syria he's going to take innocent lives just to get to one person! I just feel that United States can't even get 16 trillion dollars that their in debt of & they're sitting here thinking about war but can't even get that money they owe but they want to go out and be in debt of more? It doesn't make any since! -__________-
    Over 8 years ago
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    I think the United States should invade Syria. It is very wrong what they are doing to people. They have killed over 1,500 innocent civilians including over 400 children suffocated to death from the deadly gas. In my oponion that is very wrong. They are killing people who probally haven't done anything wrong. The U.S. should also go because what if some how we make them mad they could hit us with a deadly gas. That is why I think that we should go invade Syria.
    Over 8 years ago
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    No,the United States should not come involed in this conflit. United States has our own problems to deal with and by approaching this situation is only going to cause war which will make our problems worse. In this text it says "Will air strikes be enough or will the countries then be forced to send in group troops" by then if we get involved will us bombing them be enough, or will war have to come into the situation.Syria has chemical weapons also, we agreed not to use those during warfare. So yes we're trying to help the citizens but maybe we should let this country handle their own problem.
    Over 8 years ago
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    When you have a situation like this, you have to think from every angle. You have to have someone hold up that mirror and move it around so you can see it all and how you look from every angle. You have to look at this situation in the same way. You have to see what this decision would do if we were to strike. You also have to see what would happen if we didn't strike. If we strike, we could end up going to war. Wars cost money, and were ALREADY 16 trillion dollars in debt. So. Just think. We go into another country to help them out. But we need to help ourselves out first. We need to fix ourselves before helping others, or it will cause us to regret it in the future.So i think the United States should not get involved. I mean, we just don't have the money to handle something like this. And even if we did, shouldn't we be focusing on problems we, in the United States, have at this very moment? Lets fix ourselves before fixing someone else.
    Over 8 years ago

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