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    I think it was Cute, Funny, and a little sad at the same time, and it was action packed, I'd recommend this to kids from about 6-adult. Also, I loved the movie except for the part where some animals die.
    Over 4 years ago
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    I watched the movie ┬ĘBorn in China" And I think the movie was AWESOME overall, but here's some advice, If you have a kid below 6 I don't think they would like it because it might seem boring to them, or they might get emotional because there are a few deaths in the movie. It was about a Panda named MiMi and Yaya, a Snow Leopard named Dowell and her 2 cubs, and lastly, a Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey named TouTou. I'd definitely recommend this to kids who love nature and animals.
    Over 4 years ago
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    Almost 5 years ago

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