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    Omg you guys have this book?!?!?!?! i really wanted it for my sisters birthday she loves Greek mythology and we have a pet hamster she would love this! will i know there is like a 30 entries but I really want this book for her thank you so much if i get it!!!!!
    5 months ago
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    the whole point of this giveaway is to win a book and read it well here is my reason i should win... 1-this book will be used A LOT i love the nature of thing anywere especly the ocean were humans really never go 2- this book is myseres and would teach stuff like whats inside the sea 3-and kids really like theese books and i want to become a babysiter next year and teach kids the wrold they have ahead of them
    6 months ago
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    hey guys i am back! todays shoutout goes too...... beachbreeze16 and bsc !! for being a good freind here on dogo and ansering/recomending books! anser todays poll! ice cream or frozen yogert ! i choose... ice cream if i have a big scoop! yumm
    8 months ago
  • lovemypetsyoual
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    I love animals and nature and want to learn more about them. i also love to read!!!! I really NEEED this book. Animals are super cute and I love them. I LOVE ANIMALS SOOO MUCHHHH!!!!! I NEED THIS BOOKKKK!!!! My friends all love animals too, and would love to read this book. I also sometimes share books with my awesome sister. She loves animals too. I enjoy reading and looking at adorable animals. I would really like to learn more about them!
    9 months ago
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    10 months ago

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