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    I love the book Heidi. she is left to her Aunt Dete after her parents die and her aunt gets a job and sent her to live with her grandpa. he thinks that it is his fault for her parents death so he is at war with the world and he hates everyone and everyone hates him and then Heidi comes along and softens his heart but then she is taken away to Frankfurt and it breaks her grandpa's heart and when Heidi comes home he was kind again. there is a boy named peter and when Heidi brings her friend then peter gets really the end grandpa reunites with the town and they live happily ever after.---if you want to know the whole book then READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you.
    Over 10 years ago
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    By Mary Downing Hahn
    Over 10 years ago
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    By Johanna Spyri
    Over 10 years ago
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    wow! very peculiar..... dunno why peple do it but its interesting.
    Over 10 years ago
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