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    I think the article is interesting because its telling you the devastation that these earthquakes bring to these countries and the after shocks that they have. They also tell how theres more devastation in the mornings because more people are asleep at the time. The earthquake that woke people up at 3:36am in the Apennine in central Italy was a 6.2 magnitude earthquake. The article states that the earthquake was felt as far north as bologna and as far south as naples.
    About 5 years ago
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    This article is interesting because it's showing the advance technology that's being made to help these athletes compete and accomplish there goals to the best of there abilities.these new devices being used by professional athletes in the Olympics this year from athletes from usain bolt to Michael phelps to labron James. This technology is changing the way we live by how it's making athletes and people from all around better faster and stronger.!!!!!!!!!!!!😱💪🏽⌚️😎
    Over 5 years ago

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