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    My book is called,"Petty" written by Warren Zanes, he also is the illustrator. This is a nonfiction biography book with 313 pages. Tom Petty's story still inspires people today, who want to have the positive, and persevering mindset like he did, through all hardships, his story will never be forgotten. Tom Petty as a kid got inspired for music from, "The Beatles". Also that boy started off as a teenager with a dream to a guy who hit it big in the music business. One struggle that Tom Petty faced was his band breaking up, Tom Petty got frustrated with that situation. So you can imagine the disadvantage going threw his mind because, he was the type of person who quits if it isn't looking good for him. Although, later on he learned to have more of an open mind. If Tom Petty learned at a young age that, people can be cruel at times, but to just use that to push you harder. For example, he probably wouldn’t of faced all those downfalls threw his life; if he knew before, he would of became a greater musician then ever. Additionally, he would of had a better reputation throughout his life.So from all of that, I can clearly say that, Tom Petty learned many lessons from his errors, like being a better person, and be more positive about things. Finally, I would recommend this book, “Petty”, for fans , people who are interested about Tom Petty, and of course,people who are looking to write an article about him. Why, because it gives so much information on Tom Petty, like what kind of person he was, and much more. Trust me, after reading that story I could write 6 legendary pages about Tom Petty, and I’m only a fifth grader! Over all, I would rate the book an 9 out of 10. All in all, If I had to ask one question towards Tom Petty it would be,”if you had to recreate one of your bands once and for all, final, forever, who would be in it and what would the title be?”
    Over 3 years ago
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    By Warren Zanes
    Over 3 years ago

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