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    I think this artical is very interesting. I think this article is interesting because i like how they are giving information about cells stopping at 13 because most kids who are reading this are probably turning 13 so its cool to know about yourself. Another thing is that its weird for cells to stop making at 13. Its like as soon as your turning into a teenager your cells stop. Those are reasons why i think that this artical is cool and weird.
    Almost 5 years ago
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    #1 On december fourth through the tenth tens of millions of people from 180 countries will come and participate in an Hour Of Coding challenge. #2 The Hour of codings purpose is to get young kids from ages 5-10 to start doing more math based and computer coding type programs and this is to motivate them and get them good at it and excited to do it. Something that would motivate me to start coding is really complex video games type programs. That would get me motivated because I like figuring stuff out and playing video games. Last year in 5th grade we did that exact thing and i would love to do it again. What we did was there was hundreds of games we could play and it would train us to code things nut in video game form some games were hard and some games were easy and the games that i would play were the ones that started out as easy and went to hard and then like really hard.
    About 5 years ago
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    Its pretty funny how it was stolen like 2 or 4 times and then gotten back and then they just give it away again I wonder if this time it will get stolen again.
    About 5 years ago
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    I liked this article. I liked this article because it was very informational. Also i liked this post because I like earthquakes, i feel that earthquakes are very interesting. I like that the fact that they put lots of detail so we could really grasp what the article is saying and explaining. lastly this article was very good and i look forward to seeing and reading more articles like this one.
    Over 5 years ago

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