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    It looks like a great book to read and it looks like a scary book to and I love scary books So great to read.
    Over 5 years ago
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    It is about a girl named Anna the man up top is a doctor and he helps her somehow and she is climbing up a tree with her big sister , they got on a thick branch then it started to break and they got scared and the big sister told Anna to go to a hole on the tree and sit on it and hold on tight to it and she will find her way around it and then Anna , her hand slipped into the tree hole and she fell 30ft , head first down the tree she hit the ground hard and ... ,it cured her somehow and she said that she talked to God in her mind and he said that she was 100% cured and she didn't want to come back with out being cured cause it Hirt her a lot so basically she died but came back to life weird, awesome and of course a miracle. 🌷🌸
    Over 5 years ago
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    By Joshua Khan
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