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    I survived The attacks of September 11, 2001 is about Boy named Lucas is on a football team but had a concussion then could not play football, then went to go see Dr.Barrett (who is doctor of Lucas) , Lucas see pictures of football players who died from concussion said Dr.Barrett,then Mom and Dad thinking if he should still play, Lucas then was think if he should still play then deceids to go see Uncle Benny at the fire house, then talk outside the fire house, but see a plane flying super low then crash in to the world trade center but to tower 1 1 only, then calls disbatch about what just happened & all personal to twin towers, Then sea grave (Fire truck) and her crew left, then another plane crashed in to tower 2, then is now thinking it was attack, then went went to go find his dad and tell him at the twin towers, Lucas goes there finds dad but then building was go to fall than run in to convivce store after they ran to find help, after 2 Mouths latter Uncle Benny is injured but is now recovering and couch of the football team, Lucas and his dad got to finish seagrave model but the real thing got drestroyed by the twin towers, They put the model at the fire station. I would recomoned this book to someone would like to learn about 9/11 and person persetive in the story. My favorite part of the book is to laern that Uncle Benny was ok and still alive.
    Almost 4 years ago

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