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    I would be more inclined to buy pizza because of the pie tops here is why? I think that it is cool to connect my shoes via bluetooth to by phone to press a button on the right shoe to order pizza and confirm your address the you've got pizza.
    Over 3 years ago
  • domduhhh
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    I think this artical is very interesting. I think this article is interesting because i like how they are giving information about cells stopping at 13 because most kids who are reading this are probably turning 13 so its cool to know about yourself. Another thing is that its weird for cells to stop making at 13. Its like as soon as your turning into a teenager your cells stop. Those are reasons why i think that this artical is cool and weird.
    Over 3 years ago
  • craiganatore
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    I think you can learn alot from this article because I did not know that the human body stops adding new neurons at the age of 13 years of age I also didn't know that the brain tissue at birth slowed down at 7 then by 13 was nonexistent.
    Over 3 years ago
  • 200961
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    I think that this text was very informational. This text had inform and i had told us when the nuetrons stop making new ones. That is very satisfying to me following from me being a year away from my brain to stop making neutrons. Again This text was very helpful so that i can be more aware about my body and mostly my brain. This was my opinion on the text (Study Suggests The Human Brain Stops Making New Cells At Age 13).
    Over 3 years ago
  • gymnast_chrissy
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    I found this article very interesting in my opinion. I've always heard that the brain stops making new cells making at the age of 21. It very surprising that they are finding out many new types of research. I'm not sure if this is true. But in my opinion, I think that they should keep digging and dig and find out many new things and researchers to make this world better.
    Over 3 years ago
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    I thought the story was cool. Although you stop making neurons. I would like to know more about things like this because I think it's interesting. A lot more people should know about these cool things. I think it would be great knowledge to keep in the back of your head. That's what I thought about the article.
    Over 3 years ago
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    I think it is cool to learn about. It is so weird that it happens at the age of thirteen. It is not going to do anything. It is also not going to be u dumb. Most people think that brain cells make you smart. I don't know if that is true but it can be I don't know. But this is really cool to know because I did not know that that is what happens.
    Over 3 years ago
  • 5252005
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    kinda liked it because it gave you facts about how they found it and who found out about this.And how it told you how they found and who they found with it.
    Over 3 years ago
  • k_fly23
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    I feel kind of weird because if you didn't have any cells in your body; you would die. Then, when your body gets sick the bacteria kills some of the white and red blood cells, so then your left with a shorter amount of cells. Also if neurons didn't go to our brain how would we learn or get knowledge to our brain.
    Over 3 years ago

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