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    In the book Freaky Green Eyes by Joyce Carol Oates, the main character is a girl named Franky Pierson. She thinks she has a great life, until her mother disappeared one day. Franky and her sister, Sam, are furious and want to find out why their mother all of a sudden disappeared. For now, they have to deal with their father who has been nasty to them, and is the only suspect for the disappearance of their mother. Franky knows that her father still loves her, and so she takes his side of the problem. Later in the book, Franky has an alter-ego named Freaky, Freaky Green Eyes. Freaky tries to help Franky solve the mystery of her missing mother. I really enjoyed this book, although there were some scary parts. I have never read a book written by this author before. It was something new, and I really like the way she describes things. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Fiction/mysterious books! :D
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    By Joyce Carol Oates
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