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    Japan is well known for the high speed railway train as Japan made the fastest train in the world. The magnetic pulse on the Maglev (Fastest Train) levitates of the ground by 10 centimetres. The Maglev set a new top speed of 375 miles per hour (603 kilometres per hour). Japan have now come up with an idea to make an invisible train that people can't see. The year that they expect the train to be ready is in 2018. The train is being built by Seibu Railway as it is their 100th Anniversary. Kazuyo Sejima is the main creater of this and he says that he is so excited and he can't wait. They say it will be exciting as there is 111 mile long track through Japan and the track goes through mountains and country sides all the way to the Cities looking at the beautiful Skyscrapers. Bryan
    Almost 6 years ago
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    An ancient chinese game was out on devices. This apps name is Alpha Go. COmputers are not known to be smart as humans. Google’s computer had just beat an 18 time world champion at a game that humans would have had more practise and experience with. This ancient chinese game was 3000 years old. This app came from a 3000 year old game. This game is similar to chess with a grid and black and white pieces which are called stone. Go has a 19 by 19 grid with two players. Go can be very challenging or easy, that all depends on your opponents. Experts think that Alpha Go is only able to process information on a game-by-game basis, which means computers are unable to see the bigger picture. I would fear if I had a career based around computers knowing that when robots come, my job will be done.
    About 6 years ago
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    On March 2nd, Scott Kelly returned back to earth after being in space for 340 days. While they were in space they orbited the earth 5,440 times while seeing 10,900 magnificent sunrises and sunsets. While in space they covered a total distance of 231,488,040.96km’s. They had so much fun playing games and imitating monkey’s while doing 360’s. Some of the health effects are bones getting smaller and blood going back into your body causing harm to your vital part e.g your heart. I would love to fly in space because of the low gravity and testing out experiments. The part I would miss the most is not being with family and possibly being isolated and having thoughts about not making it back.
    About 6 years ago

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