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    How would you feel if you walked into your local public library and instead of hundreds of shelves laden with all kinds of exciting books, you encountered a modern interior that...
    Almost 8 years ago
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    I'm using as this for my project i want to live in that place
    Almost 8 years ago
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    Almost 8 years ago
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    no,no,noooo!!!!!why?, why? if the the future will be like this i will sue the government or who ever, BECAUSE computer instead of books are noooooooo good at all. the computers, even thought if it is with readings like the books, it is harmfuuuuuullllll!!! believe me !!! the computers or anything with screens are not good for the person's eyr especially the children the most. that is why ALL of the children are wearing glasses. the normal books are healthier. believe me!!
    Almost 8 years ago

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