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    Good Book has a great storyline which is very mysterious. Most people say that the book is creepy but is for mystery lovers and horror lovers. It's Mostly about a highschool redhead who finds out her real past on a milk carton. Face on the Milk Carton also won the Iowa Teen Award in 1993 so I recommend it. At some point, I got a little lost in the book so I recommend to be re deep into detail so you don't lose track.
    8 months ago
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    By Gordon Korman
    8 months ago
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    Chase doesn't remember falling off his roof, he gets amnesia and suddenly has to start his whole life over. Anybody would love to restart their lives, getting to recreate yourself! But not chase, Chase played football, had friends and, was popular. All he is trying to do is go back to that old life and remember it. But what he didn't know is that he used to be a jerk and a bully. Kids didn't like him for him, they were sorta forced to like him because they were afraid of him. Afraid to get bullied by Chase and his two friends, Aaron and Bear. He makes new friends when he joins the video club, he is nice now and he doesn't bully others, people start to actually like him for him. He realizes he doesn't want to be the old chase anymore. He's not gonna be the person that is mean and rude to other people. Or play pranks on them all the time. I'm not gonna tell you any more, you should go and read it! I love this book! It's so interesting and has a lot of sad and happy moments!
    8 months ago
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    By Caroline B. Cooney
    8 months ago

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